Small Digital Voice Recorder for EDC

Thanks. Found some online which record both forward and inside the cabin or out thru the rear window only (12 & 6 -O-clock). But couldn’t find one yet, whose rear cam can “adjusts to the side toward the outside of the driver window” (12 & 8 -O-clock) . For now, got mine pointed in that direction (8 -O-clock) mainly for preference. If you happen to find one which rotates more - does both ( (12 & 8 -O-clock), please post a link. I feel kinda lucky in the dash cam I got works well, and has good vid quality playback. Might stick with it for now.

Also saw some dash cams for only $23. Just in case for those just testing out with one for the first time, and or looking for more affordable ones. Had not realized so many features and options.

I’m ordering the lapel type (much more affordable too), tried one out, didn’t work well (sending it back), but I ordered another one, hoping it does work for me. Quite the options and variety. Not sure if it’ll be any good, but kinda liked that it can go front shirt pocket, or pants pocket, and has a rotating/adjustable angle in three settings, 180 degrees, a 200 and a 160 degrees (roughly it seemed). Figured I’d start on the lower end cost as I could drop it or worse. I gotta remember to order the correct memory card which fits in it:

No thank you. All recordings cut both ways and it just makes it too easy to make you a YouTube sensation at a time when you really want to stay away from the public eye. Video recordings can make the entire uneducated/ignorant public your judge and jury and since judges and AGs are politically appointed they will bend to the will of the voting masses rather than follow the law.

Can these images be watched or recorded from a smart phone or do they have to
Connected to a USB port or require some type of connection to another device ?

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The camera I bought can record to the cloud and/or it also holds a small micro-chip, 32 GB I believe. If I recall the 32 GB will record around 3 or 4 days of audio/video. You can pull the little micro card out of the camera and use any standard Mac or PC card reader to retrieve the data.

It might depend in the model dash cam; Thinking some have more bells & whistles, than others.

Tested mine at night; Mine does work at night, but if it’s very dark, unless something is shining a light on the subject, it’s as dark as it is in real life. Put it this way, it sees what the human eye is capable of seeing. Might depend on the model; Thinking some have more bells & whistles than others. : - )

I’m pretty sure you can get um with night vision. My neighbor has two some hind of cameras on his house. He said they were hard to( program ? ) but he can monitor them from his smartphone, maybe something different. One of the cameras is solar powered and the were expensive. This set up might be a different thing. It might be one like you see on tv to even monitor what’s going on
Live in the house or front door & you can talk & hear on the one in the door bell.
Not for me. I’m a plumber with a leaky faucet when it comes to programming. :paraguay::paraguay::paraguay::paraguay:

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