Senator Arnie Roblan getting calls to vote against SB 978

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Gun owners have been deluging Senator Arnie Roblan with calls and emails telling him to vote against SB 978.

What follows is a typical response from his office. A careful reading reveals his game plan.

We are currently receiving over 1,000 emails a day regarding this issue, and that is not taking into account the phone calls as well. We are doing our best to work through and respond to everyone but you’ll have to understand that we just don’t have the capacity to respond to everyone in a timely fashion; this is why we advise folks to reach out to their respective Legislator.

Arnie is planning to vote no on this measure when it goes to the floor. Folks’ time and effort regarding this issue is a bit wasted on us and would be better spent trying to persuade a third democrat to vote in opposition.

Thank you for reaching out to our office, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions or concerns.

Note that they say he is going to vote against it “on the floor.” But his office is also telling people that he plans to vote “yes” in the Rules Committee when the bill gets a “work session” there. The bill has to move out of that committee before anything can happen on the floor. If Roblan joins the Republicans on that committee, the bill is dead. If he votes yes, the bill goes to the Senate floor where it will almost certainly pass even if Roblan votes “no.”

The plan is to vote it out of committee and then vote “no” on the floor so when this demented attack on your rights becomes law, and most of us become felons, Roblan can say “But I voted against it.” Classic bait and switch.

Some people are being told by his office that if he does not promise to vote “yes” in committee, the Senate President can pull him off that committee for that one vote and replace him with another Democrat who will promise to vote “yes.” It’s true, the Senate President has the power to do that. But if Roblan is truly committed to voting “no” there is no reason he should care if he is pulled off the committee for that one vote.

Roblan is playing a game hoping to convince gun owners he is not trying to turn them into felons while at the same time doing what he can to get this bill passed.

Please contact his office and tell him you don’t care how he votes “on the floor” if he does not use his power to kill this bill in committee.

Roblan’s Phone 503-986-1705

Roblan’s Email [email protected]

Please Note. Some people have experienced trouble emailing Roblan from the email link in alerts. If you do, please email directly from his web page. 1x5


Holy crap @FREERAVEN23 that’s just insane! Do y’all have a state org that goes on the defense against such craziness? my email won’t mean anything since I’m not a resident, but if you’ve got an effective local organization, I’ll donate.

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I’m going to put this in regional too, @FREERAVEN23. That way people in your area are more likely to see it :slight_smile:


Typical political shenanigans that get played by both sides. Secretly supporting a measure so they can publicly denounce it and give themselves cover with their constituents.

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Yes. We have thousands of us fighting this. Problem is the deck is stacked against us. Badly. Kate Brown and her puppets are killing us with all these crazy Bill’s bing past here.

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Thank you. All groups in Oregon from III%ERS to even our Sherriffs depts. are fighting against this. It is an insane loop hole bill from hell for all gun owners.

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