Az action alert!


Three pro-rights bills are being heard TODAY, and the antis are flooding them. We need your RTS positions on:

SB1331 - exempts CCW holders from the ridiculous requirement to handle firearms before entering school grounds

SB1109 - removes suppressors from “prohibited wepaons”

SB1428 - prevents cities and counties from making ordinances regarding Gun Shows on public property


SB1331 Assuming you mean CCW permit holders I would say if one has a permit they are on the right side of the law.
Couldn’t find anything on SB1109
SB1428 ordnances don’t stop criminals from committing crimes only responsibly armed citizens.
Best I could come up with on short notice.

Already completed the RTS processes.
Hey Arizonans, don’t for get to comment/down vote the following as well (from AZ Citizens Defense League):
HB2184 regarding red flag/ STOP orders
HB2181 requires all transfers to go through FFL
HB2182 requires all transfers to go through FFL
HB2178 require pediatricians to “educate” parents about gun safety
HB2191 weakens state pre-emption laws
HB2183 creates a CCW database
HB2193 requires supervision of anyone under 21 handling firearms even on private property


@Robert1246 you need an RTS account to get to these. Please join AZCDL like RIGHT NOW, get an RTS account, and start to weigh in on these bills. The antis are killing us at least 2:1 AZ gun owners cannot afford to be apathetic with Hobbs in the capitol.

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