Arizonans - Legislative session is coming!

2023 Legislative session opens in 7 weeks. If Hobbs is confirmed as Governor, we know that no good bills will get signed, and any bad ones that make it will. We have to stop those bad laws in the Legislature, where we know we have some RINOs or “squishy” Republicans who’ll abstain if not vote for them. So how do we fight that? By making our voices heard via the Request To Speak (RTS) system. That’s the official system used by the Legislature to track popularity. And anti groups have been flooding it with hundreds of votes and comments supporting the eradication of our rights. All of us need to get an account, make sure it works, and be ready to respond to alerts!


I’ve visited the beautiful state of Arizona many times, was on my list of top retirement areas!
It’s a shame that they will take another jewel and turn it into a third world country. How can the home of Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper, turn blue?

You may have the “right” to speak, but you don’t have the power to “change” things. We thought voting was the answer! Cheating, violence, tearing down statues and burning cities to the ground in peaceful protest, is how you win and change things! We’ve seen terrorism on U.S. soil and it works! They usurped every institution and won!

Their agenda is firmly in place and if your speech is not suppressed it’s surely going to go unheard! Kobayashi Maru! If you truly want to win, you’ll need to change the conditions!


All you Zonies need to get behind the AZCDL. Arizona Citizens Defense League. They lobby for gun rights in Arizona.


No truer statement was ever stated,America that I used to love in decline,we see it every day


Some Patriots are pi$$ed. The whole State needs to stand up. :clap:

From the comment section. True words. :us:



1 day ago

Just goes to show, don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s a patriot right there! :us: