Arizona House Bills.....Write your representatives

So here are a couple of 2nd Amendment related bills I would strongly encourage you all to read up on and write your representatives about. I have included some links so you can find your representative as well as direct links to each bill and the main “introduced bills page” in Arizona.

Find Your Representative:

Arizona State Legislature - Introduced Bills

Now into the bills…

This bill is put together to make Arizona a Second Amendment Sanctuary state. Hopefully you all know that in Feb. 2020, Maricopa County was made into a 2A Sanctuary County. Well this bill looks to expand that and make AZ a sanctuary state. This would stop and overreach at the federal level on our 2A rights and would follow suit with states like Alaska, Mississippi, Texas, etc. It is still unsure how strong this bill may be against the federal government, but it is a strong step in the right direction to show the Biden administration that we will stand against his radical gun agenda.

So this bill relates to the rules and regulations that a FFL must follow to prevent a straw purchase. Unfortunately, these sneaky bastards have tried to sneak in a line to limit the amount of gun purchases an individual can make in a month.
Read the bill and take a look at line 11 on page 2 and line 6 on page 3.
These both state that you, yes you, the law abiding citizen, will be restricted from purchasing more than 1 firearm a month!!

I strongly urge all of you that read this to write your representative. Let them know you support HB2211 and they should as well. Let them know you oppose HB2581. Now is not the time to be silent. Instead we mist remain vigilant.


This stuff has been planned all along the way! Now that Biden is President, they’re going to try and chip away at gun owners bit by bit. We need to be aware of local, State, and Federal, laws that are infringing on the 2A.

I’m in TN…thankfully a bill was introduced in 2020 for " Constitutional Carry". Also TN has voted to be a 2A sanctuary State!


Good for Tennessee!!

Maricopa county here in AZ is a 2A sanctuary county but they are now wanting to expand that to the state. We have had constitutional carry here for nearly a decade now if I am correct.

Arizona has the best gun laws in the country but we have some crazy leftists that got into office and are trying to push their anti-gun agenda.

We have to be vocal here in AZ to keep out great state the way it is for generations to come.


Wouldn’t it be good to have AZ as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State? That second bill seems to be the questionable one or am I missing something with the Sanctuary State?

Yes, it is a fantastic thing!! I reworded my last paragraph. Thanks!!

For those of you from AZ who are not members of the AzCDL, I highly recommend you consider joining. They keep track of all the proposed state gun legislation and provide ways to more effectively provide public comment for it.

I agree with @Shamrock. Even if u don’t sign up for a membership at least sign up for the alerts and get involved somehow. It still never hurts to write your representatives. You would be surprised how effective that can actually be.

I work the gun shows for AZCDL up here in Mohave County. If you want to be an activist, a community organizer in the jargon of our adversaries, you need to do it face to face. There is no more effective means to do so than to work gun shows and other public events for AZCDL in Arizona. Spend a few hours and talk with people. You will be shocked to find how thin the knowledge base is on our side, how frail the understanding of the threat to liberty and how invisible our real enemy keeps itself. Gun rights and the right to self defense is the tip of the ice berg. That singular issue brings people together but from there we must educate, then motivate and having done that we can legislate. The Progressive New Left is beating us at every turn because they are of single mind, have a clear focus and are motivated by hate and fear. But we have truth and reason on our side. Spread it. Work for AZCDL.

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Thanks for all your efforts @Neil21 ! I am an AZCDL member. My random schedule does not allow me to plan for events but I have been reaching out in person to fellow shooters whenever I get the opportunity.

Most of the left leaning shooters I run into don’t seem to understand how serious the anti gunners are about taking away all our rights. They don’t read the idiotic bills being proposed to see just how dangerous they are. And they don’t understand the coordinated step by step attacks of the anti 2A crowd designed to create a world were we will be lucky to get a permit to own a bolt action rifle. Most right leaning shooters I have spoken to in AZ seem to think that since they live in a gun friendly state that they don’t need to take action. Or that the actions they take won’t amount to anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are just a handful of state house politicians away from becoming an anti gun state.

Everyone likes to spend a lot of time complaining about the anti gunners but most don’t even take the time to send an email to there representatives demanding they support our constitutional rights which they have all sworn to uphold.

Correct. Far too many view these issues singularly and not as a comprehensive whole. The focus on gun rights elimination is not a singular focus for the left. It is simply the necessary starting point to incrementally destroy liberty as a whole. Take guns, property, free speech, free conscience and all liberty disappears. But first they must disarm a free people in order to strip the other liberties. Too many view these issues as disconnect from each other. Far from it. Natural Law based liberty is a comprehensive whole. Fragmented it collapses.

We are getting off topic here but I would argue that the attack on liberty is not being started with the 2A efforts. It is a multifaceted effort based mostly on short sighted greed and corruption that has been ongoing for decades if not centuries. And “right wing” politicians have been all in on the assault along with the “left” despite their mostly empty words and occasional pro 2A votes to the contrary.

The attack on liberty is coming in the way of attacking both 1A and 2A at the same time. It’s even getting into the military now with the Army suggesting the lower their PT and cognitive requirements on the basis of equity. Our country is going in such a bad direction it’s not even funny.