Anti-gun laws coming to your state? Find out what's being pushed

Your state is probably already setting up for anti-firearms bills… it’s not just Virginia. There’s 61 bills that have been pre-filed since December 1st in Missouri alone that include the word “firearm”!

You can use this link to find out what’s been prefiled in your state - select your state and put the word “firearm” in the details box:

Once you’ve read what’s being proposed, if there’s stuff you object to, or stuff you want to support, find your elected officials here:

Write or phone the sponsors of the bills. Contact those who represent your area or your state. Contact committee members who will be reviewing and refining these bills. And wake your families up and neighbors up and get them to do the same.

We need to be on this now… infringing legislation is coming if we don’t do something about it now. Don’t just go by the little blurb they’ve listed about it. READ THE BILLS then get involved!

VA is on this with their declaring 2A sanctuary cities, but the rest of us need to be too.


Maybe we should try pushing Pro bills, like maybe fully automatics, (then they would really have a reason to cry) silencers, nationwide reciprocity, open carry EVERYWHERE, if one so desires.
It’s not so much that the bills are being pushed they are backed by billionaires that don’t even live in the state.
Maybe some anti criminal bills. Don’t even want to expand on that.
I feel I have every right to stage claymores in my front yard, and mine my back yard and mount the .50cal atop my Prius😁 no offense to Prius owners, you should all have .50 cal on top.
If I could I would dig a moat around my small castle. It is my castle after all. And I pay hard earned taxes.


@Scott52 I’m actually going through all the bills for Missouri right now… all 61 of them.
There are some good bills in there to… here’s a link where I’m listing those (I’m still working my way through the list). I think the republicans in MO are being pretty proactive on the bill front. Now if we can get the sanctuary city thing going… or if we can pass the Second Amendment Protection Act again (as we did once before, but it was thrown out by the courts I think)… we’ll be in pretty good shape.

Here’s the Missouri “good” link:

Aaaand here’s the Missouri “bad” link, these are the bills that need to be stopped:

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Kentucky appears safe … for the moment. I predict ERPO will pop up again this session.

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