Missouri is trying to nullify federal gun control



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Follow up article:


When I saw the title of this topic I was worried that Missouri was trying to nullify the right to bear arms! I was in a slightly foul mood when I thought that. So glad I clicked on the link and read that Missouri is against any infringement on the 2nd!

" The measure passed 23-10.

SB613 counts as what could be the strongest defense against federal encroachments on the right to keep an bear arms ever considered at the state level. It reads, in part:

All federal acts, laws, executive orders, administrative orders, court orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States I and Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, shall be specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state."

I highly suggest reading the article. It will boost your mood when you see a state actually protecting their citizens’ rights to bear arms! :slight_smile:


We border missouri so I pray our governor will pick this up for oklahoma , I have emailed him the article in hopes of hearing something back.

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Let us know how that goes @Gunpassion! Have you sent it to your state representatives too?

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Yes I have sent out 6 emails and been making phone calls


Might be time to move west across the mighty Mississippi for me.


Im in oklahoma about 10 miles from state line. If oklahoma dont follow em I may move.


@Dawn I definitely shared the same WTF moment reading the headline.


So it looks like it passed the Missouri Senate in 2014, but I assume it stopped there. Now a similar bill is being introduced in the Missouri House, but appears to be in the early stages. Am I interpreting these articles right? Does anyone have any insight into whether Missouri is likely to pass this in both Houses and signed by the Governor? It’s amazing how Missouri and Illinois share so much border and have such different political realities! There must be something in that Mississippi River water on the west bank!


The difference between Missouri and Illinois is that Illinois has ANTI-GUN IDIOTS running the state and Missouri doesn’t. A few years ago the State of Illinois was taken to court over their rules on the requirement on getting a carry permit among other things. And the case went all the way to the Supreme Court. And the Court ruled that Illinois laws WERE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. A Illinois was forced to rewrite their laws. And Missouri is now going the other way which is great. And also I’ve been seeing that more states are passing laws making them CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY STATES. Now the count is up to 16 states that are CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY OR PERMITLESS CARRY.


The Supreme Court case in regards to NYC gun laws could blow the gates open for the rest of us, I hope. The lower courts have blatantly disregarded past rulings of the Supreme Court, particularly the Heller case, and they aren’t too happy about it.

Well guess what, the makeup of this court is much different than ones in the past, and may even become friendlier to not just 2A, but the Constitution as a whole.

The best analogy I can think of is the lower courts are the children and the Supreme Court are the parents, and those pesky lower court kids have pissed mom and dad off!!


@Reloader54 I live in oklahoma and we just got constitutional carry passed here finally. Will go into effect nov. 1st. Now if they would just drop all guns laws and take all their lil no guns allowed signs down I would be happy.


I live in Delaware and they’re starting to try and enforce more gun control . I know where I’m moving if they do go nuts with it!!


Your welcome here.


I LOVE where I live :smiley: GO MO!
We’re really trying to get it right. Several amazing tries at that have failed, or been passed then vetoed after they were passed, or passed then were struck down by federal courts.
But we’re a stubborn lot and don’t really stay down.

All y’all are welcome, come on down. Missouri’s got room.


Im in the sister state of oklahoma, we have battled as well , but hopefully the constitutional carry will open doors for us we have a gung ho 2A governor now, so I have hi hopes for us as well.

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pulling for you on the OK constitutional carry!

MO went from a mishmash of state, county, municipality laws to constitutional carry in about 4 years. took it step-wise, first getting unified state law that preempted all local laws, and then open carry, and then constitutional carry. Bootstrapping from one to the next based in part on “see? we made firearms more accessible and nothing bad happened.”

I can tell you the value of grass-roots participation, that’s how it got done here. My hubby spent a lot of time working on it, making phone calls and sending emails, showing up at every one of our elective representative’s town halls and carrying the message, educating, answering questions, and challenging them to think it through. He’s got a reputation for thoughtfully calling out the BS thinking and asking people to clearly state their position, and give their reasons… then educating them on any data or assumptions they have wrong, from self-defense stats to federalist papers.

on top of that, after every law change was enacted, he took the time to meet with every town and county sheriff in the area where we live and do business to make sure they were aware of the change in the law and its implications, and that they were making sure their officers were updated and trained on the changes.

it’s good to have like-minded neighbors. Hope y’all can make it happen! MO is with you!

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Our constitutional carry did pass into law will be effective november 1. I just hope they drop all the gun laws and take down all their lil no weapons allowed signs , took my husband to dr. This morning and have to leave my security behind , walking through
the parking lot I felt like a sittn duck.

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@Gunpassion I get what you mean :grimacing:
I missed that OK is already set to go to constitutional carry… NICE!!
The grassroots thing will still work for cleaning up all the variances and details… we did it in the other order, but the method works. :slight_smile:

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