Missouri - Great Neighbors in 2A

My neighbors to the north! You folks are awesome!!
Passed in House, now off to the Republican Senate.


Interesting. We’ll have to watch and see if this becomes law, and what effect it has outside Missouri.

Some folks are in a bad emotional state after the election, and as in past elections I keep hearing the word “secession.” But I don’t think that’s necessary. We learned in 2020 that the government is A-Okay with autonomous zones, so “red” states could simply follow Missouri’s lead.


Well, the Marxists are in charge now, and I doubt you will find them to be nearly as accommodating of civil disorder as the civil libertarians and NY Country Club Republicans were.

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For those that haven’t been following this ‘movement’-

Virginia was our wake-up call and for them it was almost too late. They reached a point where they had to declare 2A Sanctuary status on a county-by-county basis. A majority of VA counties passed this.

Tennessee, last year, became a 2A Sanctuary State.

Oklahoma, last year, passed a bill that no locality (County, city, township) may have Red Flag Laws. As I understand, I believe that OK also has 2A Sanctuary in the works.

Arkansas is advancing a bill (SB-24) to loosen restrictions on Stand Your Ground as well as SB-59 which is effectively a 2A Sanctuary declaration.

There are other states with similar works in progress, and some already done. I just can’t keep up with them all.
While I have read here and elsewhere of a Doubting Thomas claim that “this will never fly-the gov will simply cut off that states funding”, we all realize that that is a distinct possibility and no one is arguing that point.
The point is that something Must be done to show that there is resistance. If it results in hardships, so be it. No fight is easy.

Edit - AK, ID, WY and KS are also 2A Sanctuary states. Many Counties in other states are declaring such, as well.

@Ouade5 , I don’t see this as [quote=“Ouade5, post:2, topic:49657”]
Some folks are in a bad emotional state after the election
[/quote], as it began long before the election.


Great news for my neighbors across the Old Man. I do spend much time, and money in Missouri as well.

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And every election in my lifetime. I can’t recall one election without some folks on the losing side threatening to move to Canada, nor an election where those folks actually did. If history repeats itself, the party in power will make some dumb mistakes, and the party out of power will eventually stop licking its wounds and start fighting back.

Now all we need is the rest of the country start what Missouri passed!!!


For sure @Stanley7 . I am going to write my local politician right now.

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Good for Missouri. Next door here in Kansas, have been talking with a few politicians in my area, and sounds like we’re going in that direction as well . Have been getting push back from democratic governor in Kansas, but a lot of push against her👍


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