Missouri Call to Action by Jan 22, 2020: 2A Preservation Act is in hearing - fill out a Witness form to have your words delivered!

If you’re in Missouri, DO this. Fill out a witness form and it will be delivered to the hearing. Don’t wait, the hearing is scheduled for the morning of JANUARY 23rd, 2020!
This is how we preserve our rights, don’t wait, it matters.


Click here to fill out a witness form. We will print and hand deliver to the committee:


Hearing schedule here: https://www.senate.mo.gov/hearingsschedule/hrings.htm (check before you drive)

Committee here: https://www.senate.mo.gov/tran/


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My witness statement, in case it helps you get started on what to write:

As we are seeing in places like Virginia, and have seen in California, New York and Washington, our Second Amendment Rights are not secure. Missouri can and should make the sanctity of our constitutional rights unquestionable.

When those elected to government office do not respect either their oath to serve or the constitution they have sworn to protect against all enemies, it is up to We The People to defend what matters.

Our founding fathers were wise men and they framed these amendments to ensure that government OF the people would not become government control OVER the people. They foresaw that the nature of those in power would always be open to corruption and self-serving motivations, and the Second Amendment is intended to allow us to protect ourselves should elected people fail to serve as they should. NOW we need to draw a clear line to keep government in its place - at the service of the citizens.

Missouri can draw that line in the sand. The Second Amendment Preservation Act is that clear line.

I ask you all to honor your oaths and pass this bill into law.

… more on the bill:


I’m going to give it to my mother to do!

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Sweet @Randall318! Hopefully she’ll be able to do that in the morning so they can get it printed tomorrow for the Thursday hearing :smiley: :heart_decoration:

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I already messaged it to her!!

I hope your hump day is blessed!!

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Done. Thanks for the link.


@EDC_always - you’re Missouri, right?

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Looks like this hearing was cancelled, any idea why?



@Clinton it has been postponed, not cancelled, I don’t have the new date yet. I’ll update as soon as I have one!

Also, this group is awesome in Missouri: WWW.JOINMOFC.COM

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also there is a redflag bill in the works that needs stopping:

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Thanks for the link, I will check it out.