Shawano Co. WI. 2A Sanctuary Co. Board Meeting

Nancy and I attended a meeting of the Shawano Co. Public Safety Committee regarding Shawano becoming a 2A Sanctuary.
Nancy spoke as a representative for the County Republican Women’s Club.
The motion was accepted and was moved onto the full County Board for a vote on March 25, 2020 at 3:00 PM. Anyone in the area is encouraged to contact the Board members and attend the meeting.


We have been on the phone and emailing people all day to get the word out, Gun Clubs, Hunting Clubs, VFWs and American Legion. We will also post fliers wherever we can.


Has anyone been following the States who have been trying to enact the Second Amendment Preservation Act?


Yep, following it here at it’s birthplace in Missouri. It’s been scheduled for committee hearing 3 times now, and been postponed for weather. There’s a grass-roots effort to get lots of Missourians to sign witness statements to submit to the committee.

In 2014 it was passing handily, but got sandbagged when it was held back until the deadline for approving it passed. THAT won’t be happening again. This time around its got twice as many sponsors, and it’s getting some good visibility.

WV, OK and SC have got copies of the bill in circulation - I haven’t heard if anyone else does yet.

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Thank you, Nancy and I are looking into this act.

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Share the love @BRUCE26!

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Just an update from Shawano Co. Nancy and I stopped at several of the finer establishments on the outskirts of the county and and asked if we could post a notice of the 2A Sanctuary meeting.
we were met with positive reactions and many people asked questions and to many didn’t know anything about it. We even ran into one of the County Board member who said he was in favor of the declaration.
The next day Nancy took a road trip with a friend of hers to some of the small towns outside
Shawano, it turned into a 5 hour tour with many positive results, she never mentioned any negative contacts at all. Nancy is going to a regular board meeting tonight to speak with the members.
Nancy found out about a vacant seat on the County Board for Dist. 1 and is going to run for the position.
On March 25th the full County Board will vote on the 2A Amendment. We will keep plugging away here. :wink:

I attended Public Safety Committee meeting today. 50% of the public comments were anti Resolution. The supporters were compared to the Posse Comitatus. The committee was told that the resolution was not necessary as gun rights are not under attach in Wisconsin. They feel that the Sheriff should have to enforce valid laws no matter what they say. (Red Flag laws or gun buy back laws. Residents of Shawano County need to call all the County Board member. Names and phone number of members on County webside County Board meeting is March 25th, 3pm at Courthouse, BE THERE-- WEAR YOUR VETERANS OR 2ND AMENDMENT CLOTHING

At the March County Board meeting it was voted to make Shawano County a 2A Sanctuary County. :us:

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Sheriff Bieber is a great guy. I used to live outside Wittenberg and worked in Tigerton back in the day

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Agree, we know him personally, while I carry gun it is safer here then many places. :us:

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