Second Amendment Preservation Act

In 2014, Missouri nearly passed the Second Amendment Preservation act - it is designed to protect our 2A rights against all comers, local or federal. Pretty strong language in it, and we are trying again this year.

If y’all are inclined to get your state to step up to the plate, this is the bill to do it with.

@Zavier_D @Dawn The new West Virginia bill protecting the 2nd is modeled on the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act…

here’s the WV bill:



And I’m not sure how this works exactly but it looks like there’s two versions in the MO House and one in the MO Senate:


Really goes to show that what can be licensed, regulated, or need even more laws to protect and regulate, is in fact not a right at all. Sad state of affairs.

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The thing is that if every person that owned a weapon, their family, friends, and those that really say they believe in the 2A registered, donated a small amount of money to a 2A supporting candidate, contacted their Representative legislature as a registered voter, and actually voted. We would not need this.

The small numbers of fanatics and extremists keep pushing this agenda and getting the press. It is time to push back.

Contact your local press and tell them you are tired of one sided press. Contact national organizations with a simple handwritten letter. Enough of them actually affect how they view things. People like NetFlix, PBS, and others respond to a real audience being there.

Remember the people that attacked Donahue by writing and going to his advertisers. Well write the advertisers and companies that support the badly misreported issues of gun violence. Stress that constantly laying it at the feet of legal gun owners and responsible citizens is wrong. What about legal alternatives other than illegal Red Flag Laws to dealing with individuals that should not own or possess firearms.

When the press do a good job of actually reporting legal self defense by citizens, drop them an email thanking them for actually showing a more balanced view of the gun debate.

Join organizations that are actually in the fight like GOA. NRA is becoming a toothless giant in the minds of many. Let us hope that they will well and truly use their political might at this very important juncture.

In short, register, vote, and get involved.

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Just emailed the link off to my Congressional Representative, and Senator.

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Excellent @Zavier_D! This needs to become a national wave.

Heck if every person who owns a weapon just VOTED for 2A candidates this whole thing would be a non issue… Va.s in serious trouble, but I seem to remember that only something like 34% of voters even bothered, and I know some races were “uncontested” ( a freebie for the antis). Bad things happen when good people don’t act…

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Wyoming is joining the effort: