Arkansas - 2A Sanctuary?

SB59 has been introduced and referred to committee! Page has link to PDF of bill text under Status heading.

@Sheepdog556 , @Harvey11 and other Arkansans - it’s time to get busy! Contact your reps to voice support. We also need to be ready to put pressure on Asa Hutchinson.


While I applaud the use of the sanctuary proclamations, in the end it will do nothing if TPTB decide to squash it. With who is currently in power, they are more likely to do just that. All they have to do is say ‘no more federal funds unless X’. Heck, the State of MT is funded almost half by the Feds.

I still like it anyway.

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Robert401, Get in touch with Senator Bob Ballinger in Arkansas, his "Stand your Ground Bill was just past last week, SB24.

He has been a strong 2a supporter and would like to hear from as many Arkansas folks as possible.

His e-mail address He has been quick to answer any of my questions.


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@larry84 thank you!
I have not had the pleasure to meet Mr. Ballinger personally although I am well aware of his record, and very proud to have him at our capitol.
Scott Flippo is from my district 17 and is a co-sponsor of SB 59. Another good man.

As VP of the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association, it is part of my responsibility to keep tabs on matters such as 24 and 59 as well as other, smaller issues before they get larger.

I see from your profile that you are near Alma? Would you happen to be a member of ARPA? If not, we would be honored to have you join us. We need a membership that displays the attentiveness that your post reflects!
In addition to our political efforts as the state affiliate of the NRA, we are also heavily involved with the Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) and financially assist High School Trap teams statewide.
Dues are very modest and no monies go into advertising.

Again, Larry, I thank you for being aware of these issues and, I am certain, helping to spread the word!

Robert, thank you for the invite, I have just signed up for the next five years. Let me know how I may be of help in the future.

Thanks again


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@larry84 That is great and I thank you!
Our meetings are generally held quarterly at the Bass Pro in SW Little Rock and notice is given on the website (also on our FB page if you still use FB). Annual meetings in January.
2020 was a strange year with no in-person meetings since last January. We may have a meeting scheduled for March.
I sincerely look forward to meeting you.

Robert, Talked with a friend of mine and he is signing up with the group today or Monday. I will talk to a few more like-minded friends and try to get more members. I look forward to more information about the association. Thanks again for the invite.