Oregon gun bill SB 978


https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=578257162672223&id=100014638333450. Look what it does to our small business people. They stabbed them in the back even though we’ve gotten the gun bill off the table.


I cant access the FB link, but here’s another


http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1115189453164&ca=89280a5f-eb11-4e15-b6f3-982515d800c5 Sorry about that. Thank you though. See if you can see it on this link. This is from our coalition group fighting the bill. Thanks for putting up yours though. It’s a sad way to win.

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Well, ya gotta just take the win and go on. Politics is an ugly business, nobody ever comes out clean. At least the threat has receded for now. Glad your group is there holding the line.

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Why hurt small businesses like that? They are how large businesses started. If you tax them out of existence you’ve just done some serious damage to the economy… IMO.


Because it isn’t about the economy. It’s about redistribution of wealth and the demonizing of one group… in this case “greedy business owners” … in order to garner the votes of other groups.


I fully agree there. Oregon Government never makes sense. There is no logic used.

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Forgot all the specifics but I heard the bill is not completely off the table and the Dems plan to bring it back later and pass it themselves…


Yes. They took the bill off the table along with the immunization bill. But there are a few Democrats working on a way to get it introduced again. Oregon Catylist email today explained there new game. I’m sharing it over to the Kate Brown Resistance Group on FB.

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The modern “Progressive Movement” is entirely regressive and oppressive.

We need the people in these states to revolt loudly and publicly and these laws need to be challenged in the federal courts as quickly as they are passed with the first conviction of anyone under them.


Two large cities control a mostly rural state. It’s the same thing that happened in Colorado and Montana with all of the Expat Californians moving in.


I couldn’t get it to come up. Can you quote the portion that directly attacks small business for us?


Isnt that the truth! They move here to get away from California hell but then want to change our States to be what they left without the cost!!

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I did a paper in college that got the highest grade I’d ever received. The premise of the paper was that no matter how miserable people claim to be where they are if they move in large numbers to a new area within two generations they will turn where they moved to into where they came from.

It was true then and is even more true now.

We saw a great example of that just a couple of years ago when large numbers of people moved from a city in the DFW are into unicorporated areas of the county surrounding said city.

Within just a few years they were up in arms because city emergency services would not respond to calls in the unincorporated areas, and they constantly complained about the road being too narrow and not kept up to city standards.

Well “Duh” and I hate to use the phrase. Those high taxes and over burdening regulations you left the city to to get away from are paid for by city tax dollars. Those regulators and inspectors you wanted to get away from are paid for by city tax dollars. After it all came to a head the residents in the unincorporated area passed a resolution asking the city to incorporate their area.


I like your analogy. It very true. It’s not just Oregon or Washington anymore. Its Texas and alot of other States. I just want to live off grid.:us::joy::joy::us:

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For most of his years in office I supported Rick Perry on most of his policies. The one I predicted would end in disaster was his campaign where he traveled around to deep blue democrat enclaves working his butt off to get them to move their operations to Texas.

In less than a decade since he left office we’re starting to see the fruition of that prediction come to pass.

Between that and our excessive population of Illegals that keep kicking out new democrats we may well turn purple in as little as another four years.

Beto O’Rourke’s challenge to Ted Cruz should be a huge eye opener to conservatives and republicans in the state but despite what most believe nationally we have a lot of very purple republicans in the state and particularly in the state legislature.

Fortunately we have a couple of very staunch and reliable, principled conservatives now in the governor’s office and as Lt Gov.


I’m very glad you’ve got some good strong reps in the Govenors office. I like your analogy on calling them purple. It is a very good way to explain certain Republicans. There are some fair fighters here in Oregon but we have several that go along with our Governor Kate Brown and her puppet show. They are more or less Liberal Repulicans/ Demrats support system. The strange thing was that put the gun bill on hold for us was a Democrat. Asking for a study on gun deaths. But now they’ve taken it off the table to pass there tax bill there are three more Bill’s that were waiting in the wings that were never brought up. Til’ now.

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