Where are the Gun owners blocking Gavin Newsome

How is it Gavin Newsome of CA practically wipes out gun ownership with the 15 new laws he passed,and once again-- we(collectively) do nothing? How is it groups like the ACLU are screaming in our place. Newsome is not in the people’s will - so what does it take (legally) to literally stop him or are we always in a react position rather than an act position?

What say you,oh gun owner??


I’m not from California but this is an extremely serious matter I can only hope that the NRA-ILA and NRA , and other lesser gun rights groups file a class action lawsuit against California Democrat political hacks especially the Governor and very likely Soros and the normal suspects. Maybe the gun groups they waited to see the actual gravity of this before any action being taken. I’m waiting to hear from @WildRose and @Jorge both have to say because they live in the once great state of California.

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@KenM is usually on top of what’s happening there legally… I’m sure there are lawsuits in the offing. Ken, what have you heard?

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Why do reasonable people still live in California? I assume most of them have car keys and a tank of gas. Why not save up a few hundred bucks for a gun? Then when they won’t let you buy, possess, carry, or use it, take that money and rent a U-haul. California is bad, and getting worse by the day, but they still let people out.


Like Red Flag laws, this is one that needs to be fought in the courtroom and will be a very long fight.


Some I know are choosing that to be near family that isn’t leaving.


Sometimes life hands you very hard choices to make, and everyone has the right -and responsibility- to make their own decision. The key is to make an informed decision and commit to it. There is honor and integrity in doing so, and that has value.


And some will have to file suit in court for this to be overturned (unless the political pendulum swings very hard and fast back to the right or even to the middle).

Unfortunately, court cases are not inexpensive nor are the quick.


And thankfully the NRA, GOA and other organizations help in fighting these battles at the policy making level and in the courts.


This is exactly why gun owners and Second Amendment supporters everywhere have to continue to support NRA-ILA, and everyone else that opposes the opposition party. Come on calling on all of “us so-called terrible terrorist” continue to send when/if you can. Support those who support us.


California is a lost cause for gun owners and conservatives. There is a mass exodus of the middle class going on there now. As the State descends further into liberal/socialist Nirvana the rest of the country should take note and act to prevent this in your State.

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I support the FPC and other California groups in their legal efforts. There is much more in life than firearms, and those things are part of why we stay here. In no state, can the people immediately reverse legislature that has passed, it has to be done through the process that exists, and that is the process I use and support. Running away is neither an option available to many people, for countless reasons, nor is it in the American Spirit.

California used to be one of the most open with gun laws, Until Regan and Feinstein got upset at seeing the legally owned, and open carried, firearms in the hands of a demographic that they didn’t like. Its really tired, the overgeneralization and screaming into the wind about demographics people want to blame rather than understand.

Where are the Californian Gun Owners, “blocking Gavin Newsome”? I’m right here, donating, petition signing, reading up on the bills, following the court cases, trying to explain things to friends who have misconceptions about guns, and gun owners, and facing other gun owners with animus towards people like me because I don’t vote single issue, wear a red hat, and talk the politik that many other gun owners do.


@Hailey If there are any petitions out there that non-California residents can sign please tell me where to find them that are in support of gun rights


Hailey, I wasn’t bashing the people of California…just the left wing loons who are trashing the Constitution and individual freedom. Good luck.


I intended to voice for myself, and maybe those socially liberal or left leaning who are gun owners, conceal carriers, and supporters of the Second Amendment. I think it’s cliche to have to say "Not all of us … " Anymore, but it is true. I often think, or maybe it’s just wishfulness, that we have more in common between us all, than the things which seem to strongly divide. Love of life, nature, and family, and a desire to keep those things safe. The nuance may not align but I think the overall does, but it gets lost in the fist shaking at sides. Thank you for the wish of luck, I wish you and everyone the same, with the shifting ground underfoot at the moment, Nationwide.


CA is not a lost cause, there many of us here that take on that fight. The mindset has to be that of understanding it’s like watching the grass grow with the filing of these lawsuits in response.

There are victories won both in and out of court, CRPA, GOA, FPC, and NRA are groups I’m a member of that are the reason for these battles being one.

I’m the better to die on my feet than live on my knees type, I’m active and see the results. Bottom line is we knew these were going to come and now we’re handling it. The sucks to be you, just leave mindset is one of ignorance, if you would up and leave your home and your way of life thinking you can run from it will leave you with the cold hard reality of the storm is already upon you as well. And if you think you’re safe in your happy little “fill in the name” topia you’re going to be in for a shock when it’s at your front door. Look at the democratic candidates all want the 2nd amendment taken away at a federal level.

I had that ignorant mindset thinking ok how bad can it get, that was almost 30 years ago, now I understand that the endgame is complete disarmament and I’m not going to sit and let it happen, I vote, I donate, I’m active in supporting the 2nd amendment, I talk with people to get them active or if their on the fence giving them some direction to discover for themselves, I’m disappointed I didn’t have this drive 30 years ago, but I’m not going to lay down and just let it happen now.

I’ve given my reasons before and I’ll simplify it in this manner, this is my home, I have family and loved ones here, I have every right to be here to pursue life, liberty, happiness and all that jazz. I’m going to hold the line, I pick and choose my battles and I’m all in on this one.

Yet it’s also about being smart as well to live to fight another day, if it comes down to it and it’s time to bug out and fall back, then we’ll get to the rally point and keep that fight going there. Sometimes I feel like Horatius at the bridge, but I’d rather be the man in the arena than the cold and timid souls who run and hide.

We’ve built a life here, have a nice big home, we are blessed to make very good money, we live near the mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers, and forests. But if we have to we’ll blow the canopy and hit the eject button, we’re not there yet. But if we do it’ll actually be like an air drop vs punching out because we’re taking a lot with us.

Here’s some recent examples of the victories due to either threat of litigation or rulings from those filed. I could have bought my Glock 26 in LA before 2017 because ultra compact frames were banned except for LEO’s to purchase. LA backed down and voted to repeal the ban out of court rather than get the brakes torn off them.

Open carry ban is awaiting to be heard in the 9th District from a suit filed in Hawaii, yet since CA is a may issue CCW vs shall issue in some counties it violates and denies a lawful citizen the 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves if they can’t legally do either.

LA had to sunset making standard capacity magazines grandfathered in legal to possess in accordance with the rest of the state.

The State had an injunction ordered that allowed “Freedom Week” were it was ruled restricting to 10rd magazines was violating our rights and allowed citizens to lawfully possess standard or higher capacity magazines legally.

Fighting to keep gun shows from being banned especially at Del Mar which just had a show a few weeks ago after winning in court to do so after not being able to at all in 2019.

San Francisco Mayor publicly dismissed claim of NRA members being a terrorist organization, set that no impact on any relations with NRA members will not be affected with the city vs LA which did the same early and rather than stand down a Judge ruled that case against them has merit to proceed.

The city Mayor of Carson was attempting to ban all firearms within the city zoning making it a gun free zone, and the community showed up at city hall during a council meeting and ripped them to shreds, stating they would vote them all out of office. The measure died as a result of mot having enough votes and one council member didn’t even have the guts to show up to vote.

As soon as these laws pass lawsuits are filed and take forever and a day.

So you’re welcome, its these groups and the grassroots members that are here in CA taking the fight to preserve our rights and keep them from spreading like wildfire on a federal level. Many moved to Nevada, and now they have a Governor and Attorney General that have a hold my beer anti gun agenda that will wreck havoc in what some are calling Nevada now East California.

There are other states like NY and NJ that I feel are far worse than CA and yet CA pops in to everyone’s mind as the worst state for gun control it’s bad, but it’s like a chess match that’s moving like molasses in the dead of winter.

Always fight the good fight is how I’m wired.


CRPA is about to release the Kraken, Chuck Michel is the founder CEO of the CRPA, he released the statement “see you in court welcome to Gunmaggaden II: Sue-A-Palooza”.

My guess is these will be the the first filed upon

1)Limit/restrictions purchases no more than 1 firearm every 30 days no matter if a pistol or long arm
2)Firearm parts registration and background checks
3)Red Flag laws extended to employers, coworkers, teachers


Here in the people’s Republic of Boulder, it also sucks. You can’t own what they refer to as an “assault weapon”. Namely ARs, unless you register them with the police which most people have ignored, or you must keep them at a second property outside of Boulder if you’re lucky enough to own one. You can’t even order a Lower or any parts for them if you have a Boulder address and our local gun shop can’t receive them. It’s such BS. I was recently told this is heading to court. I guess we’ll see.


I lived for quite a lot of years in Colorado and part of that in Boulder @Jan2. Boulder is unique but I sure dont remember it being like that. We have neighbors here in Missouri who moved out of Colorado a few years ago because its becoming California. :frowning_face: