Where are the Gun owners blocking Gavin Newsome

Yes, due to people leaving California in droves, our landscape in Boulder has indeed changed. Ironically, people are leaving California due to their tax and spend mentality. Yet, they move here and support yet another nanny or environment tax. Dana Loesch just spoke at CU and the comments on the Daily Camera’s facebook page are nothing short of ignorant. These people don’t even know what gun control laws they themselves supported and are in place at CU, as they criticized her for having armed security.


Austin TX will soon follow


To Hailey and Ken and the community overall. I have lived in CA and NY for more in both cases than a NY minute.

The issue is not that GN did a bad thing and this then goes to court. It is not about being a one issue person, and or the I pick my battles is a learned behavior by or because of adult hood.

The issue is why are people allowed to get unconstitutional issues put in play,that have to be fought? The issue is GN spoke about this,he should have been hauled into court and charged with any number of violations to insure this never came to legislation. The issue is why is education allowed to let teaching continue that destroys the fabric of the country?. I would take any issue that promotes the deterioration of the republic,and can be seen through collusion with other politicians,or sedition or subversion as stated in us 15 and 18 code as a battle to fight from the beginnings. NY is not as problematic as CA only in the sense that the folks that live in places like the foothills of the appalaichans they will not put up with what has already been swallowed by CA(land access rights is one example) In NY they are trying to get rid of some politicians who violate the aligned federal and state constitutions. In CA my question becomes when the Constitution isn’t good enough to fight over before someone puts bad laws in play,we all very well may be lost.

Everyone knows repeals never get everything(legally) and we wind up with creeping change.

What needs to happen? to go after people like GN for subversion,sedition,revolution,innsurrection. I use terms like these because they are known ,whereas the foundations that get us to these points seem to be accepted or unknown.

It is more than an issue,per se, it drives to the fabric of a country founded in blood and treasure,and one of the few countries- left world wide where the population is expected to understand our republics foundation and align with that. When our politicians subvert that aspect of our constitution,the country itself is twisting in the balance.

Since here we limit our thoughts to weapons or 2a type issues(in this post), I question( I’m not the smartest knife in the drawer) where are the gun folks who can see forward,or see where the dots are going and fight to remove or curtail the detrimental actions of some of these folks ahead of time.

Lawsuits take time and money,but there are some remidies or actions even if it is a simple injunction,and a mindset of- this is total war.

This in my mind is not about a left or a right,but about truth vs created perspectives that people want to be a truth. It really isn’t hard to go down the road of here is what was said,here are all the outlier pieces ( for the trash) here is the final rendered opinion and what it meant to those who wrote it.

If we will comply ok,if not ok but now that we know where we stand on the constitutional issues,in a sense a determination has been made about fitness for office. This is of course presuming the state Constitution supports the federal(laying aside the bigger issue of state rights) there are issues that affect us(the entire US) and issues that affect our states. If the people nolonger support the entire community,the let’s be clear the republic is over,and we can align and fight our next civil war.

PS I’m not advocating war,I’m just trying to delineate where the soft,subtle positions take us,when the questions can be made clear.

Gavin Newsome went against the people’s will. Is he fit for office as it relates to the federal Constitution.

Remember how (if finished) our representatives selection process was supposed to go.

And I personally object to CA (because of it’s size,influence,money,food,big tech etc) trying to do something that is in reference to the understood Constitution and then trying to force the issue amongst the other states. In a lot of was this is innsurrection or racketeering etc. If I lived closer I would see if it (his actions- provided a cause of action for a ) fit a writ of mandamus.

With respect and gratitude for you thoughts as well as all who so vigorously work to make this a great forum

Shout outs to see,Dawn,wildrose and kenb


Did I hear my name? :grinning:

I just heard about the new gun laws but have to read them. Sorry I haven’t been around. Let me read them first and share what I think. But I’m sure whatever they are, there are already lawsuits in the pipeline.


Here’s an update bump on an interview with Rick Travis and Joel Persinger aka the gun guy.

It was a podcast Joel produces with his son. I subscribe to Joel on YouTube, and follow on other social media along with donating to his patreon account.

Here’s the video that is rather long but filled with great information. The CRPA is waiting on the NY SCOTUS case where they filed their amicus brief to be heard and ruled upon once done do it will allow them to file in CA to fight against some additional laws in this state. They expect to have between 3-5 year battles that will cost lots of money.

They also gave the heads up that Newsom is gathering senators and assembly reps to create bills that will remove the issuing powers of CCWs from the current 58 sheriffs to the Governor’s and office of the CA DoJ


I joined Travis Allen ( California Assemblyman that ran for Governor) in the fight to “ReCall Gavin Newsome”… I hope more Californians will join the fight to give him the :hiking_boot: boot… I am a member of California Gun Rights Foundation (was formerly Cal Guns) , 2AF and the NRA… I am Californian in the Fight!!!



That is by far one of the best, and most well reasoned responses I have seen. :+1: