Oregon won. for now

It’s Over…for now



Late yesterday the 2019 Oregon Legislature adjourned.

It was without question the ugliest, most contentious session in our lifetime. With a solid majority the Democrats chose slash and burn policies with no consultation with the minority party. The far left was determined to ram through a radical agenda on a host of issues and Senate President Peter Courtney, who in the past had been a moderating influence, was completely neutered.

SB 978 was the most far reaching, vindictive attack on gun rights in Oregon history and would have made Oregon one of the most anti-gun states in the country. The Senate Democrats had the votes to pass anything they wanted, and they wanted to crush and punish law abiding gun owners.

Among its provisions were new restrictions on concealed handgun licenses, rendering them almost useless, outlawing countless conventional firearms, and rules that would hold you strictly liable for any crime committed with a gun that was stolen from you, even if you were abiding by new regulations that required that every gun you own be locked up.

Of course, while you would be responsible for guns that were stolen from you, there was not a single word in the bill that addressed the criminals who steal guns. The Oregon Democrat’s hatefest against gun owners was an amazing thing to witness.

Having absolutely no say in anything, the Senate Republicans walked out, twice. We had asked the Senate Republic leader to take this highly unusual action because without the Republicans on the floor, the Senate could not conduct business. The day before the first walkout, Senate Republican leader Herman Baertschiger contacted us and told us they were leaving. There was nothing else they could do.

As you no doubt know, this put all of them at risk of arrest by the Oregon State Police, so they had to leave the state.

After they left a deal was struck to get them to return. Part of the deal was the death of SB 978. Gun owners owe Senator Baertschiger and the Senate Republicans a debt of gratitude .

But, soon after, it was clear that the Democrats were going to renege on other parts of the deal and ram through legislation they had promised Republicans they would have an opportunity to influence. So once again, with no choice, the Republicans walked out.

The Senate President and the Governor vowed to have the State Police hunt them down and force them back to the Capitol. That’s when the real drama began.

Republican Senator Brian Boquist, the main promoter of SB 719, told the Senate President that if the if he sent the State Police after him, that "hell would come after you. "

He later told reporters that if the police came to arrest him they should " send bachelors and come heavily armed. " It was an unprecedented moment in Oregon politics.

The great irony is that SB 719 is the bill that allows the police to come and seize your firearms with no due process if the courts agree that you are a “danger to yourself or others.” So Boquist could very well become a victim of the truly dangerous legislation he was responsible for.

During the second walkout we were in regular contact with Republican Senators who kept us appraised of their plans. Late Thursday night we got a call saying that there was no benefit to remaining gone, that if they stayed out past the deadline to end the session the Governor could call for an endless stream of “special” sessions and there was no doubt that vindictive Democrats would pass catastrophic gun control amongst many other damaging bills.

But gun owners were not the only people who felt the tyrannical behavior of the majority was crushing them. Many people who had never been political before showed up at the Capitol to express their anger and frustration.

In the end, tempers flared, threats were exchanged, Oregon again made international headlines for all the wrong reasons, and the Democrats vowed to come back and pass everything they failed to because of the activism of people like you and the willingness of the Senate Republicans to take a truly courageous stand. We are grateful.

When we entered this session we fully expected to face the worst anti-gun legislation in our history. And we did. But because of you and your relentless action, the worst did not come to pass. So, for a few months (we hope) your gun rights are safe. But the Democrats are furious and have made no secret of the fact that they are not finished. Having been defeated in their attempts to eliminate your rights this session, they will be coming back with a vengeance in February and we’ll need you more than ever.

These battles get more expensive every year, and now, of course, we are facing billionaire gun grabbers. We would be very grateful if you would consider any donation you can afford to keep us working for you.

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Thanks again for all you have done.


This is how the democrats have been thinking for years. And it is PAST TIME TO START VOTING THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE. And to do it in every election from now on. And to vote people in that will HONOR THEIR OATH OF OFFICE. And it needs to be done NATION WIDE. And the 2020 election is a great place to start voting these ANTI-AMERICANS OUT OF OFFICE.


Truly Frightening Stuff. :scream: :sob:


I fully agree. Kate Brown came on the News lastnight and went let the carbon tax go. We’ll be fighting it and another gun bill soon. Then we had a major issue with Antifa in Portland over the weekend. Ted Wheeler(dem Mayor) and there Police Chief called for another stand down on Portland Police again. Alot of ppl were hurt in it. Ted Cruz called for a FBI investigation on Ted and why he keeps having stand downs. Hopefully it works. They dont want anyone carrying at rally’s but here is a perfect example of why we should.


It really is. They will stop at nothing here in the Northwest.

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Well the anti gunners have all of the West Coast, the upper half of the East Cost, and they keep making inroads in the middle.

All I can say is Thank God we finally have a Supreme Court that won’t be afraid to take up the necessary cases to start drawing some hard lines on just how far they states can go in trampling our rights.

No one would tolerate these kinds of abuses if they were directed at the 1st Amendment and without the 2nd Amendment the 1st is meaningless.

The last check we have on oppressive gov’t is the 2nd Amendment, they need to reexamine where they are pushing us as a country and all of the ways it could end horribly for us all.


I’ll believe it when I see it. It seems like they refuse to hear any important cases. I sure would like to see how conservative our new justices truly are. California is ripe for some supreme court smackdowns!


I am glad at the final outcome for gun rights in Oregon. It is a shame that politics has come to such an extreme state though. My home state of Maine is currently under solid Democrat control, but nearly all anti-gun legislation was DOA thanks to Maine being such a rural state where Democrats know that guns and hunting are two issues that will guarantee their loss of the Legislature and Governorship. I would guess that a third of Democrats in the Legislature come from rural districts. Next year will be another battle though, as the Democrats will keep trying to attack the Second Amendment. I hope that Oregon, Maine, and the rest of the states will continue to uphold the 2A!


Fortunately that is no longer the case.


About damn time!!! Let’s all pray to God the right decision is made!


Brown and Wheeler are two peas in a pod. The guv doesn’t allow the little people to vote on issues she knows nobody wants. The mayor can’t take ANY criticism from anyone. He promotes antifa and when the truth becomes public on his misguided activism, he blatantly lies about it. Oregon used to be the best. To see it destroyed by the anti gun, anti common sense far left is plain sad.


Very well put. So true. Wheeler and his hand puppet Chief Justice are hand in hand on doing anything they can to appease Kate and her circus clowns. Along with the far left liberals. It’s really a sad situation when all other county Sherriffs Departments have said they WILL NOT help Portland Police do to blame for their actions trying to stop crimes and Wheeler pointing fingures. The whole lot of em’ need to be recalled and gone.

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Yes, sadly the insanity of the left will continue. They have super majority power and Brown will do whatever she wants, regardless of the voters wishes. Appointing unqualified friends to be a judge, hiding the school tax plan. The list is endless.
They will never stop going after our 2nd amendment rights. That’s way up there on the list for them. At the same time they are making the police impotent. I can only think of one conclusion.