Scare Tactics?


“You don’t need to carry a gun, you’ll never get attacked. The gun companies use scare tactics to get you to buy things you don’t need.”

Anybody else ever heard those arguments? Check out this blog post from Beth Alcazar which ties our conversation about Not a "Women in a Boy's Club" Community and What's the worst advice you've ever gotten? together pretty well.

I know Beth hasn’t had a chance to log in yet, but this blog article makes me wonder if she’s been reading the USCCA Online Community on the sly…

What’s your argument against the “scare tactics” line?


I don’t intend to use a fire extinguisher either…


I don’t plan on using the emergency roll of TP under my back seat either, but when ■■■■ happens I’m covered.



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What? You all don’t keep some handy just in case? Is this just a Yooper thing?
I’ve got a 35 mile drive to work and a 35 mile drive home with maybe 1 place to stop and use a bathroom unless it’s outside their business hours.

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LOL! I drive about 35 miles to/from work and there are a LOT of places to stop. :smiley:

I have a bunch of emergency supplies in my car as well - TP included.

I was more referring to your ■■■■ happens phrasing. :rofl:


See…around work a lot of us talk guns, one time i mentioned i carry TP in a ziploc bag under my back seat and everyone gives me wide eyed stares (everyone being Trolls that i work with) and asked “Why in the world would you keep that in your truck?”
Same response, several chuckles, now everyone I work with keeps a truck roll.

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I don’t plan on ever needing a seat belt either, but I don’t want to be the guy that the paramedics/firefighters scrape off the asphalt and say “if only.”


I like it when anti-gunners tell us that we don’t need our guns IMMEDIATELY after telling us how horribly unsafe we all are, and that we could all be gunned down by a mass shooter at any moment. Oh, the irony!


My go to on this is… You don’t have to believe in God or even like guns, but when the time comes you’ll be praying someone with a gun gets there in time.

I don’t carry because I’m afraid. I carry so my family and friends don’t have to be.


That sounds vaguely familiar lol


Like anything in sales, there’s marketing hype and marketing fact. The hard part is differentiating the two, but suffice to say the latter is harder to tease out of ads and brochures. I advise my clients to beware of anything they read or hear that promises to make your life happier/safer/etc. And any marketing material that inspires a deep, visceral emotion like fear is immediately and highly suspect. It’s designed to make you buy, not necessarily to explain how this product may be a solution to your need. Think of buying a car, where your priority might be basic functionality and features, but the salesdude tries to up-sell that add-on package that has nothing to do with your actual needs.


The gimmick word I avoid at all cost it “tactical” if it has to say it in the product name or description, it most likely won’t hold up to real world use


Or mil spec. Mil spec is junk.


Agree 100%
The only time I’m looking for the word mil spec is when it comes too the buffer tube.


I don’t like scare tactics, to a point. A healthy respect for the fact that there is a possibility, although an EXTREMELY rare one, that I might be attacked, it is still a scare tactic. It causes us to subconsciously prepare, and even to live in a heightened state of mind. Call it paranoias, but it is real. Now, telling me that I HAVE to have the newest wiz bang handgun that holds a whole box of ammo to go the milk store doesn’t wash with me.


Out of everything you wrote @45IPAC…the “milk store”…? Hahah. :laughing:


I agree @Sheepdog556. I have a hard time even saying the product name without over emphasizing . “Get this brand new, state of the line,tactical pen! You can write in the most extreme conditions” hahahha :rofl:

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That chocolate milk in a glass jug is TO DIE FOR.


It’s all tactical… ALL of it >_< … um, really?
Do y’all remember the scene in Riddick where he kills a guy with a tin cup? And then scares the rest of the bad guys off by picking up a sardine tin key? Now THAT’S tactical. :slight_smile: The rest of it’s just marketing.