Sad, just sad

This has nothing to do with being gay. If you cannot see that, then you are blinded by your own prejudices.


There’s a big difference between “Teaching children to respect and treat those who are different” and Indoctrination of 2nd graders with Drag Queens, Queer lessons, exposure to trans concepts.


This is not equality as the people that push this are not interested in that. The grifters are interested in power and creating a special class of super protected people with force of violence from the government. I agree this is sad.


We have schools, parents and other who are trying to teach a whole generation of children to hate America, everyone is racist, if you are white you are inherently evil and that illegal immigrants are more important than they are. Get your kids out of public education


You kidding the super wealthy tell us what to do every day but hang this carrot out in front of us to keep us distracted. While they erode our liberties and we slip quietly into an autocratic agenda


Hey I just wanted to be clear I’m trans and carry because I was raped and got no recourse because of this Patriotism vs. “Liberals” nonsense all of y’all have come up with. Got kicked out and was homeless because trans rights are not protected in my state and my parents believe I’m choosing to be affiliated with whatever Tucker says I am I guess. I’m choosing the best way to handle a physical brain development condition without killing myself, not to make your kids communists.

The second amendment, for minorities in this country, is in my estimation the only reason we’ve held on so long. Molon Labe. Moral busybodies rarely ever keep up with cardio anyways.

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Wow. honestly didn’t need to know that or care. Have a nice life. Bye. :roll_eyes:


The Bill of Rights is for all of us. :clap:t3:


Freedom of choice has been the battle cry for quite some time now. What choice do children have these days? Let kids be kids. Only fundamental skills and the basics in education - reading, writing, arithmetic - should be taught in our elementary schools. Social skills should be taught in the home and implemented in everyday life. Prejudice isn’t a hereditary trait, nor is it a part of our DNA. It has to be learned. Children learn what they live. That’s right parents, it’s on YOU! OWN IT.

“Each generation, doubtless, feels called upon to reform the world. Mine knows that it will not reform it, but it’s task perhaps is even greater. It consists of preventing the world from destroying itself.”