Stupid by colors?

To me this article points out a very sad stance that so many on the left SEEM to hold…

which is they decided your intelligence level is based on the color of your skin???

which IMHO is so much BS!!!

Chicago High School to Implement Race-Based Grading System


Yep. Sad thing is it’s just the tip of the iceberg that is destroying our civilization. I don’t mind bovine or equine poop but Im allergic to chickenshit and the turds that are in control of our Government.
Why is there a need for USCCA ; we know that answer. It’s almost impossible to communicate with someone without talking about the mess this Country is in ( just like we are right now ). I don’t know how to fix this mess but I do know that I will continue to protect people around me unless someone pisses me off ( thank goodness for the Internet ) and that includes some of you that make me think I’m not the only nut case running around ( LOL ) .



They should factor in age as well. Newborns fail the SAT’s 100 percent of the time, and often drool on the paper and teethe on the pencil, so I feel they should go straight to 97th percentile in scoring, both math and verbal.


people like Thomas Sowell come to mind…

skin color to affect grading is just so… insulting to so many IMHO…


This grading system is not radical compared to say, allowing children to obtain abortions or gender-changing surgery without parental consent (Connecticut).

Consider the following scenario. A kid only shows up on the last day of school. By definition, he as shown tremendous growth and improvement over time and therefore deserves an “A.” No doubt, letter grades will soon be replaced by Mardi Gras beads.

Before continuing, it is noteworthy that the race of eligible students is not mentioned directly in the article. Assume the new grading system applies to students with green skin. What is going to happen when a student with blue skin claims eligibility because his great-great-grandfather had green skin? Will the one drop rule apply?

Also, the new grading system will reflect the school’s core values. God help us.

You may think uneducated “A” students (or Passed students) might have a difficult time obtaining employment. Not to worry; they can go on welfare or sell drugs on the street corner.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has a Director of Inclusion and Equity that creates make-work positions for certain selected individuals.

Don’t be surprised that private companies will soon be forced to hire more people who otherwise would be on the public dole or selling drugs. One reason the southern border must stay open – to supply the dealers.

Folks, it is all by design. The USA has to be destroyed before it is replaced by the Socialist States of America. I told you to vote for Patrick J. Buchanan but you didn’t listen.


A Kenyan girl at age 15 came to America and was placed in school. She was so disturbed about the level of teaching that she went and took the GED test and passed it with flying colors. She then went to college and took the entrance exam and started on track in all areas of education. This says a lot about the levels our children are being taught.


People who feel they’re “victims” because of their race or skin color fail to see how this grading system is racist and insulting.


All grading systems for certain kids are not relevant. Public schools are warehouses. The girls will become obese single welfare moms and the boys will end up in prison or be shot and killed. The cycle will continue.

And Maya Angelou. Self-taught. A beautiful mind.


I worked with a Haitian. He told me he and his friends wanted to get away from their country soooo bad, they learned English, Spanish, and German, so they could land on their feet in either culture. Show me kids with that desire for learning in the typical public school in the USA.
Leftists, in their madness, do not understand the only path a disadvantaged kid has out of the ghetto is through education, and one bad apple in class ruins that chance for 30 other kids. “No kids left behind” leftists say. Result? 19yo convicted felon was in the same school building as 14, 15yo kids, up to the point he fired a pistol on the school bus stop, and then (witnessed by cops) tossed the gun to his 17yo accomplice, also a student in the same school. School bus stop shooting was impossible to sweep under the rug, I guess.
Just abolish the grade system altogether, along with code of conduct for students.


Everyone forgets that in the next blink of the eye we will

  • Blow up the world
  • before Global warming takes place there will be the predicted
    gray race “
    Hmmm = police report ; what did the bad guy look like “ IDK - they all look gray to me “

As we say in the contracting Business “ your only as good as your last job “ So our government sure is doing a crap job.
PS: too bad we can’t call Angie’s list for a new government.
PSS: gray lives matter.

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