Let the pandering STOP, PLEASE!

Friday I was asked to leave a local grocery store because of the banner you see before you. All I did was ask to speak to a manager. When the manager came ii told him the banner was a serious slap in the face to the country. I asked oooh, the racial inequality of the black on black deaths? The inequality of planned parenthood murdering millions of babies a year? The inequality that white people are killed more by police, and yes, they’re usually being plain and simple stupid. Or the fact that black lives matter (and yes there leaders have OPENLY admitted they are trained marxists) only comes out around election times.

I then asked if they had ever heard the term “get woke, go broke”? The manager went full lybtard on me and YELLED in my face to "GET THE FU** out of his store. Yep, they are NEVER seeing a single dime from me.


Unfortunately, logic seems to be a thing of the past. Emotion rules what remains of our political discourse.


I agree whole heartedly, the days of having polite conversations about politics are gone. If you don’t agree with a majority of the left, they will yell and scream and call you names because the have NO rebuttal to what you are saying.

I’ve been called EVERY ist and phode in the book, I wear them as badges of honor. I’m still waiting for my white privilege check’s, they are 41 years behind.


Maybe we need to start burning sh]£ down, destroy a few monuments, you know, debates Marxist style. All we can hope for is that we all come out of the shadows and vote, twice. Slaughter them at the polls or surely they will slaughter us! They are actually supporting evil!


Unfortunately, you can’t argue with a brick wall. Some people will believe what they want despite being shown otherwise, and often they are not very polite regardless of how they are approached.

I believe this 100%. I also believe that common sense is being made a thing of the past. I never would have imagined that we would be so intent on forgetting our history. Whether the history is good or not, there are lessons to be learned.


Question…does that store mean to say that they donated a million dollars AND one million man hours?? How many employees do they have… that’s 114 years if you work 24/7…


Uh boy…here goes…

The pandering will not stop…because that’s that what business does…it panders to it’s customers…it does this in the hope customers identify with them and will frequent them… Pandering to this social justice movement is just the latest fad to pander to…prior to that it was “front line heroes” (re COVID), prior to that it was immigration, prior to that it was Military Veterans, prior to that it was the environment, prior to that it was first responders (from 911).

It’s part of doing business if you’re a national brand (heck sometimes even if you’re not) to stay on the bandwagon of the day in order to attempt to stay relevant.

I’ve come to the point that there’s no need in saying anything in these instances. The manager of the store has nothing to do with the pandering (other than executing what’s been rolled down to him/her from above), so no need to bend the ear of that poor individual who has 100 more important things to worry about including complaints they are actually expected to take action on. Even if they agreed with you there’s nothing they could do. You could write an angry letter/email to corporate and with enough letters, they may change their direction, but with the way the media is portraying all of this that’s very unlikely.

Unfortunately the manager in your case acted in an unprofessional manner, and I might raise that up as a concern to Corp.

I agree that it’s tough to have rationale/logical dialogue these days but we have ownership in that as well in making sure we’re not saying things to alienate or shut the conversation down as well (e.g. using terms like snowflakes etc) and make sure that we’re attacking ideas and not people in our debating. No need to devolve into using their tactics, we need to hold ourselves to the same standard we’re holding them to.

In fact before I engage in a conversation, I aske a few questions first to make sure the person is open to an open conversation and if not, I don’t engage because their is no point and there’s no use in wasting our time in dialogue that won’t result in anything constructive.

That’s all just my opinion…that and $1.25 might get you a cup of coffee at the local gas station.


It doesn’t seem any harder than that. Trump will be able to do more if his hands weren’t tied trying to win an election.


Yes! Why spend energy on an idiot.

like, losses from shoplifting that they cannot act upon, cause “in Soviet Russia the shoplifter prosecutes the manager”.


Strictly an accounting answer first, then a comment. Shoplifting is so prevalent that there is a sub account in Accounts Receivable for it. If your losses to shoplifting are so minor, in some companies, it can trigger a forensics audit.

Walmart and Sam’s Club usually do not prosecute shoplifters unless someone watched them from the moment they picked up an item, all the way to exiting the store without paying for the item. Due to liability reasons.


They are a small corporation, so I’m thinking it’s money and food.


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Playing devils advocate here: were you asked to leave because of this banner or how you reacted to this banner? Equality and unity are two very positive things.

Respectful conversation is always welcome in the Community - no matter if you agree with the topic or not. Disrespectful, attacking comments are not allowed.

Verbalizing your disagreement with a company’s political stance is your right. However, how you approach the disagreement will be taken into consideration as much as what you say - if not more. Snarky, rude, or nasty presentation of your views will not get anyone else to see your point and will make you look like the bad guy in the situation.

As responsibly armed Americans, we need to model positive behavior so that if we ever have to legally defend our physical actions, we are credible people who aren’t looking for a fight.

Remember - part of the criteria for self-defense is you’re an innocent party. Starting a verbal altercation removes our claim to be an innocent party and negates our legal claim of self-defense.


Its simple. Just like if we dont like a politician, it is our responsibility as citizens to vote them out. Same with stores and businesses. Unfortunately, businesses are no longer non-partisan entities. We are seeing businesses take stands and positions politically. A few examples are Chik-fil-et where the positions of the owner have been projected on to the business, stores like Dick’s, Walmart, and Gillette. So, it is our responsibility as consumers to show support with our dollars. Unfortunately, that means that we need to be informed consumers. Prime example is the support for Goya foods. If business entities are going to be political, we need to support those who have the same political positions, or at least close enough to be palatable.

Brian_J, all due respect, but I would not have handled the situation the same way. As has been pointed out, trying to talk to someone of the opposite political spectrum is like talking to a wall. Reason and logic is replaced by feelings and emotion. I would not have shopped there. I would not have attempted to engage the store manager. I would have taken the pictures and wrote or emailed a letter to the corporate headquarters. There are two possible scenarios there. Number one, the store manager is a true believer and the corporate headquarters might not be aware of what the store manager has done and you will get a response to that effect and you can choose if you want to go back after corporate has had time to take appropriate action. Or those actions are fully supported and encouraged by corporate, in which case it is up to you as to whether you want to continue to spend money there.

I did something similar after the whole Gillette Toxic Masculinity campaign/position. I went a step above and wrote the parent company, Proctor and Gamble, and let them know that I found the premise of their Gillette campaign very offensive and have stopped buying any and all P&G products to the biggest extent that I am able. And trust me, it is hard with a 1 YO.


I am not much into boycotts in general, 99% of people working for P&G or Dick’s are there to make a buck not a statement. I will prefer a company friendly to my system of beliefs to a company that is hostile, when there is a choice. But if I would have to jump through hoops –it is not worth it… My kids are watching cartoons on Nick, every 15 mins they have to see “no justice-no peace” or hear propaganda out of Alicia Keys’ mouth. What am I going to do, ban cartoons in my house?


It feels more like knowledge and critical thinking than reaction and boycotting to me. A bit like single topic voters. If they don’t like 2A but do a ton of other good, do we boycott and try to shut them down? I sure hope not. This is what I call a race to the bottom.

Sharing what you see/know with others is one thing. As is not wanting to shop there yourself, but trying to bend the world to one’s wishes is a waste of energy.

I too would (and have many times) written to a company about a policy and an frequently surprised. A recent one was ALDI where they did not want me to enter the store without a cart. I eventually walked past the person, looked for what I wanted, didn’t find it, and left. On the way out, the 12 year old manager told me that I would not be allowed back in without a cart. Corporate had not authorized any of this and they saw the problem with my touching even more things and they fixed it at all of their stores.


I’m eorry to hear. I’m so glad K no longer have kids at home. Would Boomerang help? I havent watched in a while but they used to have like Bugs Bunny, Road Runner etc


I was using Nick as an example. There are so many channels for propaganda, you cannot close them all. You can defeat them all - start by teaching the kid to believe his or her eyes over someone else’s words.

These mediocre celebrities though –they have shamed their names forever for participating in propaganda for elementary school kids. They should know better, no matter how much they believe in their cause. Keep politics away from little kids.


My father told me to never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty & the pig likes it. Leaving the store after hearing the response was the correct thing to do. His response was a rubber stamp of what is being spread by his social media groups. I believe that by the manager not being respectful of another viewpoint shows that he has not looked at all of information available on the issues & has no interest in ever doing so. The sign it’self doesn’t indicate which fund the money is funneled. That would have been my 1st question & what, if anything he knew about what this money was actually contributing to. Well done. Had you lost your composure, you have also lost the high ground.


I see where you are coming from, but at the same time I like TRYING to have civil decisions with those that have opposite views. That way maybe, just maybe, common ground can be found.


I already knew what the sign was referring to, the same store in a different town HAD it up for about a week or so. I had talked top one of the managers there and we had a polite civil decision. He informed me about what the banner meant and how it was effecting their business.