Please provide an example of systematic racism in America in the 21st century

I am unable to find one.


When black and brown kids in poorer neighborhoods are not bussed to more affluent schools.

There isn’t any except in black communities. Amost all racism is now against white men.


but its OK not to bus white kids in poor 'hoods to more affluent schools? Your comment is racist. One of the biggest problems with government schools is that instead helping minorities to have high standards, they dumb down white kids…


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All examples of sites that ooze credibility… :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:


Yes… These platforms definitely are able to answer any question asked these days. :wink:


Just racist and liberal responses to questions, only fools give them the time of day.

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Thanks for your comment. I know where you are coming from and sorry if my comment offends you. I have a love for all mankind and was trying to answer the question. I still think it is a form of racism not politics. It is just the way society is.

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Your question was racist, like Biden, implying only “blacks and browns” (racist in connotation, itself) are “impoverished” and live in poor neighborhoods. Secondly, explain how busing eliminates your perception of racism? Are not those children still “disadvantaged” by being poor and living in poor neighborhoods?

I was “disadvantaged” by being poor and living in a poor town. Working after school as early as I was able, and becoming gainfully employed after graduation, advanced my position in life. Being poor is not racist. Perceiving minorities as poor is racist. Reminds me of Biden’s comment:

We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor, you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.


They have a whole laundry list if things they claim are racist (doesn’t meant they are, but it is what a liberal would answer you with). Just one example - ID to vote. They will give you that as an answer to your question. Even though everyone has to show ID, not just POC. And even though when I went to a new doctor 2-days ago I had to show my ID. Was that racist?


You have NO idea where I’m coming from… You are wrong none-the-less. When I was growing up in the worst county in Kansas i was beat up and discrimminated more than i care to remember because i’m white… racism is racism despite how you want to slice it.


The whole thread is a trap, and offered in bad faith. Kudos for trying to answer the question, but I suspect the intent was never education or seeking valid data.


@Elza1 I spent most of my childhood in Kansas and I’m just curious about what county you are referring to?

I would change that to “dumb down all kids.” I do agree with what I think you mean. Lowering standards so kids don’t fail is just stupid. Bring all the kids we possibly can UP to the standards. But, that might take more than what our gubment run schools are up to.


What exactly is “systemic” racism? Last time I looked into it, it was that everything was racist, even if it wasn’t. And if you don’t believe in it, you are racist. Kinda one of those things you are not allowed to question, and are rarely actually defined.

One current example of racism is Bran… I mean Uncle Joe saying he is going to nominate an African American female to SCOTUS. Why not the most qualified person no matter what race or sex?


If I’m right, school choice is the responsibility of a state’s governor. Blue states don’t allow school choice. Blue states support gang affiliation choice.

Unfortunately, my :stop_sign: stop sign is racist, the types of flowers I plant are racist, the way I cross the street is racist! This all has to come to an end. We were what we were, we became what we are, question is what will we become? IMHO we were on our way to becoming a greater nation. We were a prosperous and a proud nation until someone decided to disrespect our country, not the single issue but an entire nation. That’s a lose lose situation. Allowing criminals out of prison does not solve, what some want to call racism. Dumbing down the rest of the country doesn’t make us a proud unified nation.
Now, because of all the separation, segregation, and individualism we are approaching WWIII. The connections are profound. If we are not careful we could be dodging bullets, I hear that’s a great way to unify a country!
Admittedly, we are a flawed nation, now we are a divided nation and we all know what the ramifications are of a divided nation!
In the 70’s and 80’s I knew if we were ever confronted by the Russians in a war WE WOULD WIN hands down. Today if faced with the same conflict as Ukraine, we would lose!

Our “citizens” are literally turning their backs on a country that allows them to turn their backs! Try that when the Chinese and the Russians take over. That’s when we can broach the subject of SYSTEMIC RACISM.
If you’re looking for a pure example of systemic racism look no further than the current administration!


Wyandotte-- Rosedale district.

I thought so and I totally agree. It’s one of those things where if you haven’t lived it you wouldn’t believe it.


We must also give credit to the lame-stream liberal media who constantly perpetuates the myth. They are especially guilty of hyping the false narrative.