Just want to say I have a lot of respect for most of the folks here. Lot of church people, people on the same page as I, some in the same book, even some on the same shelf oddly enough. Learned a thing or two, thanks


That’s what being part of this family is all about brother. A mutual respect for one another and each other’s views and opinions. I’m in total agreement with you on that. You meet good like minded people here. And if a troll happens to appear along the way we politely advise them. But anyways god bless you brother and carry on.


@David-65 -> :v:

This Community is built on respect.
Every responsible person respects other responsible people. That’s why this Forum will never be another social media portal :muscle:


100%!! Respect for similar AND differing viewpoints. If everyone thought the same thing life would be awfully boring and we wouldn’t learn nearly as much as we do from a variety of viewpoints.


Mutual respect and value for differences. It’s how the sum of a group can be more than the total, because of how different angles can add exponentially to the picture. A one part system would be bad, no matter which party it was.

A co worker and I approached problems differently, we could fight over the way to do something, or, when we teamed up and made the most of our differing approaches and style, we were virtually unbeatable.

No matter what the problem was, one of us would see a way. Mutual respect made that awesome power available to be used.


My wife will be very upset to know there’s someone just like me out there. I’m sure her next words will be foul. :wink: