Just want to say I have a lot of respect for most of the folks here. Lot of church people, people on the same page as I, some in the same book, even some on the same shelf oddly enough. Learned a thing or two, thanks


That’s what being part of this family is all about brother. A mutual respect for one another and each other’s views and opinions. I’m in total agreement with you on that. You meet good like minded people here. And if a troll happens to appear along the way we politely advise them. But anyways god bless you brother and carry on.


@David-65 -> :v:

This Community is built on respect.
Every responsible person respects other responsible people. That’s why this Forum will never be another social media portal :muscle:


100%!! Respect for similar AND differing viewpoints. If everyone thought the same thing life would be awfully boring and we wouldn’t learn nearly as much as we do from a variety of viewpoints.


Mutual respect and value for differences. It’s how the sum of a group can be more than the total, because of how different angles can add exponentially to the picture. A one part system would be bad, no matter which party it was.

A co worker and I approached problems differently, we could fight over the way to do something, or, when we teamed up and made the most of our differing approaches and style, we were virtually unbeatable.

No matter what the problem was, one of us would see a way. Mutual respect made that awesome power available to be used.


My wife will be very upset to know there’s someone just like me out there. I’m sure her next words will be foul. :wink:


It is interesting to see so many working on consensus building and that is a good thing. But in this forum we start out with a leg up. We are all at least interested in things related to the 2 amendment. It doesn’t matter if we are part of the CCW community or just home protection or even hunting it involves a firearm. So there is some built in respect or at least common ground. It is a lot easier to agree and respect someone coming at a problem from your side of the argument. All of that gives us a good reason to respect each other’s opinion.

Agreeing to disagree on the right to have a weapon to defend yourself or family or friends is highly unlikely in these forums. And in my opinion if we even say it rather than respect for that position of forbidding our right as proposed in the constitution we discount it and put the other opinion in a box and unworthy of consideration. If that were not the case we wouldn’t need moderators to remind of us to watch what we say. So I will agree that for the most part we have a great group of people that we can respect and learn from. Even ones that treat us a lot more like family.

It may be a bit of nit picking but I remember someone posting the concept that it would be a good idea if we had the police come into our homes and check on our weapon storage once a year. From the responses by most of the people that I have come to respect in these threads I don’t believe many had any respect for that poster’s ideas after a few responses. Some ideas are just not negotiable.

All that being said I believe the USCCA forums are some of the most respectful ones I have ever been part of.


Can’t agree more. There are fringe groups and individuals who scare the hell out of me. This ain’t one of them. We are the levelheaded pro A2 citizens.

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Yeah pro 2ñd amendment for sure, level headed? Mostly I guess, but not me…lol



Compared to some of the whack jobs out there I prefer you!



This. And worse. I get nervous when everyone agrees. I constantly remind my direct reports that I need them to challenge me. Yes men have no value.

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Respect on the internet is a strange thing. You are viewed and judged by only the words that you put forward and mebby what memes you post. There is no real context to your character other than that. Some folks write better than others some folks, English is not their first language. Some folks try to add content via a “Smart Phone” which is an auto correcting bad idea. To borrow from Albus Dumbledore “Words in my not so humble opinion are our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of inflicting pain and relieving it.”

Gun guys and girls are a passionate BUNCH. As a whole we have hot buttons when pushed in the right order will make even the mildest of us turn on the flamethrower. I give a lot of respect to @Dawn for keeping things fairly well on track and generally peaceable. This can be an exceedingly tough crowd. We’re hard headed, opinionated, passionate and quite possibly insensitive to gentler feelings: AND those are our BETTER qualities. I personally enjoy a spirited debate and do not shy away from them but I TRY to hold the line at getting personal with a computer monitor. There are lots of folks here that I would welcome (and have welcomed) into my home sight unseen other than what is presented here. In these trying times where an opinion or a conversation or a bumper sticker can get you fired or black listed (canceled) having a group of folks that are generally like minded allows us some latitude with our conversations and that is a good thing.

Give every one a modicum of respect to which they add or subtract of their own action. Opinions are like noses, they are all different and they all smell. (I actually had to think about that because you KNOW what I meant to type). Earn your respect by giving your respect, not only here, but in life.




They should have a badge for that. @Dawn how about it. Preferred whack job. I’d like that.


Much of what you say is admirable. Even worth trying to emulate. Some of us however came from a time and culture where respect and trust had to be earned. Everyone started at zero and built from there. Some people earned a place in an afternoon and some took months. But all of that was through observation and interaction. Today we have a new breed of people to interact with, the internet troll. While we have become accustomed to the idea of there being no stupid questions there are dumb ideas.

Today we have whole groups that upon the first interaction challenge the very foundations on who we are and how we got here. It is harder to give that modicum of respect to someone that believes you are a white supremacist, or a raciest, or a gun owner that doesn’t care about the lives of school children. Some believe that many of us need to be reeducated or even at least watched.

I wish it were not the world we live in today, but it seems to be. Maybe it is social media maybe it is hyper media in general.

For me I find retreating into groups with common interests and general ideology to be a lot more peaceful. I think the idea that most of us as a group are willing to accept the possibility that we may have to defend ourselves or our family or friends from those that would break into our homes, or try to car jack our cars, or rob us on the street proves that respect and trust are not universal to the human condition. They are learned through experience. But I do understand those that still believe we are all in this together. But the group of people I respect and trust are much smaller than when I was in the Military. The group is smaller than when I was in college. It is absolutely smaller than when I first discovered social media. Today I no longer respect many professional sports figures. I don’t believe they respect me or my flag. I don’t respect many in the entertainment industry. Nor do I believe they respect me. Am I jaded? Maybe. Do I have reason to be jaded? I will leave that to others reading these threads.


Well stated. I respect quite a few folks in this forum, however in day to day dealings I can count them on one hand. Lot of bs in the world, most social media, tv, cable, even newspapers are awash in lies, folks just repeating things having no idea how to form an opinion on their own. I’m glad I’m getting on on my years as the future of the republic is not looking very bright. Hope the young ones wake up…


For me everyone starts at 10 & goes down from there, many very quickly I like the ones that that speak from the heart. That said I’ve learned from both.

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Was having a conversation with a friend the other. He was trying to tell me something . I said hold on for a sec. I cant listen while I’m talking. He busted out laughing and said no kidding


That’s a good one @Arnie_W .:+1::+1:

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Yep on that for sure. same opinions =s boring conversation


And we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

I will agree with you on that, @Craig6. I don’t moderate from my personal account much anymore – for numerous reasons – but I did want to come here as myself and thank you all for the kind words.

At the USCCA/Delta Defense, we do our best to treat each person we interact with in a respectful and understanding manner, no matter what their background, because we realize how vitally important every single person is to their own self-defense and the defense of their loved ones. It doesn’t matter if someone likes guns or hates them, everyone wants their loved ones to be safe. That is common ground we can build on!