Discussing Protection with Firearms with (Gun) Ignorant People

Maybe it’s just because I’m 20 years old and no one really cares to take me seriously because I’m so young but does anyone else ever have a conversation with some ignorant person when it comes to firearms for defense and they just brush it aside and be like “oh I can fight someone off” or something like that? Or they insinuate you don’t have your priorities right? Just asking cuz I ran into it.


I had a polite discussion, with a coworker who admitted his own ignorance. The discussion was about what guns, and how many a person should be “allowed” to own. In the end, he agreed, that a non criminal shouldn’t be restricted, even from class 3 automatic weapons.


Luke you are welcome here, everyone is welcome here Buddy, as long as you adhere to the guidelines set down by the USCCA. We all have to follow the rules if you say anything out of the ordinary Dawn will get on her motorcycle and pound you. No I’m kidding of course. You’re welcome here if you are young or my age 70 on Saturday. Just relax nobody is judging you.


I think we all have that conversation at one point or another. I believe that the biggest thing we need to remember is, no matter how crazy or stupid their comment or idea may be, dont treat them as such. Speak to them with respect and offer to look up any facts that you want to present. Never allow yourself to become enraged or to raise your voice, even if they think they have to raise theirs to make the point. We are the target and they will throw anything and everything they "think"they know at us, and we must be prepared to either prove or defend our position without emotion, if at all possible. I’ve also found through the years that the more professional a person talks and acts, the more people will stop and listen and consider their point of view.
Stay safe and aware


No man. it’s not here. I love the community. It’s just someone I spoke to who worked at a hardware store that I went to get parts from.


Hi @luke_ouellette - I made a minor tweak to your title to include the word gun. I know we all talk with numerous very intelligent people who are completely ignorant about firearms because they’ve never been exposed to firearms in a productive/informative manner.

I can only imagine what you’re up against in your discussions given your age. I have twin sons who are 19 (yep, aging myself a bit here) and are already very knowledgable in numerous areas. One is a diesel mechanic and the other an electrician apprentice, both get a lot of flack from others who think they’re too young to know anything. My boys are very respectful and factual in their conversations - sometimes it can turn people around. However, the fact that your discussing firearms adds in a whole new level of fear and uncertainty to the conversation.

You have your work cut out for you - continue to share your knowledge in a respectful, factual manner. Some people will see you know what you’re talking about, others you won’t be able to influence with all of the money in the world.

Keep your head up and keep learning and training! Stay safe out there @luke_ouellette!


Sounds like someone you listen and forget.


Old English guide on good manners taught people to avoid discussing politics and religion at dinner. For modern polite conversation you should avoid additional subjects

  • guns
  • climate
  • bathrooms

The more mature a person grows the less they care to convince anyone of anything.


I have kids your age and they find themselves in similar conversations. I always advise them to answer carefully. With all the “Red Flag” laws and "SWATing’ going on these days knowing your audience (or your audience not knowing you) is important. If they dismiss you then let the subject drop, you are not obligated to convince them or defend them if their choices land them in harms way. You may find that they seek you out for advice after they have earned a diploma from the school of hard knocks.


That’s a good point, Greg. I usually try to let the matter drop. Like the day when that cashier told me he’d rather play a free game than buy a real gun for defense of his life. I just was thinking “alright then. That’s your choice man.” And that part of the audience not knowing you… I completely understand that cuz I felt my coworker assumed I didn’t have my priorities straight as if I didn’t have bills to pay as well despite living at home. 🤷 That I was more concerned with guns than I was with other “more important” things in adult life.