Report on the Jotto locking car holster

Here’s what I’m looking at mounting between my drivers seat and console, into the floor of my truck… anyone have one? How do you like it?

Bought one, getting it installed today. I’ll use it on my drive from MI to MO today. Look for a report after I use it!

Ok, got it installed, been using about a week, LOVE it. Drove home last weekend and back (22 hours travel time) and I’ve been using it all week. Gives me an option for securing my firearm while I’m at work too. Padded inside, adjustable for the size of your gun.
Two models, one for full size through compact, one for subcompact through micro.
Super easy to use, very secure, easy to lock and unlock, totally made my drive through Illinois no-stress.
You can pre-lock it by not flipping the locking cover quite into position (part way closed), locking, flipping the cover open and inserting the gun. To lock it, just flip the cover all the way closed. Because of that, you’d want to always test to see its locked before leaving the car.

Down sides: Depending on where you mount it, it doesn’t hide your gun from view. However, I throw a lap blanket I keep in my truck over it and you can’t see it’s there. It requires a screw adjustment to set the size, so if you carry different barrel lengths, it might not work for you. I don’t think it will accommodate revolvers.
With the muzzle length-stop all the way down, it fits my glock G21 perfectly. To fit the ruger P89, I’d have to pull the muzzle stop out.

Anyway. I’m going to get another in the subcompact size and install it also for when my granddaughter drives my truck. In fact, I think all our vehicles are getting one :slight_smile:

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Also, if you have to transport unloaded, in an emergency you can load a mag while it’s still in the holder. You’d still have to rack once its out.

More pics

we mounted it by screwing it directly into the floor of the truck - it can be mounted from either side or the floor, depending on where you want it. when I get the compact version, we’ll mount that between the seat and the console, behind the full-sized one that’s there now.
It comes with a screw-rivet thing that can be mounted through sheet metal as well, so I think this would really become one with whatever you mounted it to.

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Thanks for sharing this. It is way more accessible than the gun safe I have mounted to my floor in the rear passenger area. I think if I ever got one, I would put the blanket over it like you do. How quick is it to access when locked? Also, if you got pulled over, which presentation do you think you’d have the cop walk up on? In plain view or with the blanket over it? I’d be interested in hearing how they actually react if you ever do get pulled over.

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@shepherd i try hard not to get pulled over :laughing:
It’s one of those round key locks, so you have to get it aligned like any key. Accessible lock, easy to see. Keys are bright blue so they’re easy to find on my keyring.
Get it in the lock, turn 1/4 turn, flip the cover about 1.5" forward, draw… about as fast as anything with a key can be.
Probably going with blanket over if stopped but it depends on where. In MO, there’s no duty to inform, so unless I have to get out of the vehicle, I probably won’t. In MI its duty to inform immediately (and case law says even 40 seconds delay is a violation) so I’d probably go with uncovered… going to have to say where it is anyway, and I’m gonna be both hands on the wheel and interrupting the officer’s “do you know why I stopped you” spiel to tell him I’m armed. In that case I’m guessing he’s going to be more comfortable seeing it without my having to reach and uncover it (if he tells me to).
Maybe some of the LE type folks will weigh in on that :grin:

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@Justin2 tagging you on this as an idea from your drumset post on the wishlist… this is what I have mounted in my truck - I can see that it might be mounted to any baseplate or upright, maybe something in your drumkit would adapt to this :smiley:
You might look at other car-holster or steering-wheel holsters as possible options for adapting to what you want to set up.