Vehicle Holster Cons


I haven’t read that particular article yet, but I agree with the title statement of “just say no to vehicle holsters”

My whys

*Requires leaving a gun in your car, or handling a loaded gun every single time you get in or out of your car. Handling a gun is always a safety risk, doing it while seated in a car especially so, and there is also the risk being seen with a gun in your hand which can lead to problems

*Risks the gun being left in the car. Let’s face it, people are fallible, we aren’t perfect, and given enough opportunity, probably the gun will be forgot in the car (if you move it from your body to the car and back). Or you will forget to secure it when getting out if you normally do so

*In an emergency or urgent situation, you may need to bail out of your car in a hurry. Are you going to bail out with a gun in your hand or are you going to leave the gun in your car? You may not ALWAYS be able to take your time and carefully and discretely without rushing, move or retrieve that gun before getting out

*Lack of consistency. I am a huge proponent of consistency. KISS. The more consistent you can make everything related to carrying a firearm (or related to anything), the more reliable it is and therefore better it is, IMO. Same user interface of gun, same location, all the time, is great


Good reading. This article may open some people’s eyes and let them rethink how to carry handguns in their cars.
However even the author pointed a few bad solutions I’m still going to use my car holster. All is about the comfort, convenience, legal compliance and safety. If all are met and practice shows the advantage of the car holster over carrying on the body - the choice is obvious.

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Could you image a LEO coming to your window looking down to see a gun, I wonder how that would work out?


In IL the gun has to be concealed in the car. So, as I mentioned before, as long as I’m OK with the Law nobody is gonna see my handgun holstered next to my seat.

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Not to insinuate you not having your gun concealed but just the fact of a LEO seeing a gun when they pull someone over might end up in a tough situation that should and can be avoided.


This gets the same reaction as anybody else, who tried to tell me how to do something better because a, b, c, options work for them. F#$@ off. I do what works for me best.

Edit: When I do use a “car holster” it’s just as secure as on my side. I never leave it unattended. I am not worried about anyone seeing me reholster my firearm as I take it from my car as I do that before I get out, add in the legal maximum tint.

I am a decent sized man 5’11" and 225lbs in weight. As well as my daily driving car being a Nissan Convertible 370. It doesn’t have a whole lot of extra room.


Interesting I can see both sides. Personally I prefer to keep it in a concealed car holster, unless im jumping in and out with short trips. For me its the comfort and quicker to draw. If i have it on my body it tends to dig in regardless which hip position or waist belt I use and the seatbelt gets in the way.

Those who do not use a car holster which body holster works (comfort) for you and at what position not to get caught up in the seat belt?


I don’t use a car holster for the reasons given above.

I do regularly (few times a year) drive 9-13 hours one way in a day (and back).

For me, any and all of my standard IWB carry works fine for comfort, which is generally IWB at about 3:30-4:00 with a 15* forward cant (aka FBI cant). Including full size G17 or VP9 size pistols.

The slower access due to seat belt is still a thing, but it’s not nearly as slow (For me) as some indicate (I have also trained drawing and firing from seat belted in), and I find it well worth it to have the gun on my person where it is always in the exact same place no matter what I do or where I go and I don’t have to stop and handle it to make that happen.

Over the years I think the two biggest factors in being comfortable for seated in the car vs not are carrying far enough forward (not 5 oclock, closer to 3) and having forward cant (preferably 15* and I’d go 20* personally before I’d go less than 15)


Now we found difference between gun owners and gun posseser.
Gun owners thinks about not making trouble and confusion…


Good advice thank you. I have messed around moving it closer to the 3 position abd i agree its not as bad with shorter muzzles, 45 APC different story. At times ill reposition from 3 to 6 just behind the seat belt clip

While speed draw pacticing from under the seat belt release I have cracked my window before🤪 hence why practice is required and best to roll the window down during practice, lesson learned. In a necessary situation of course I could care less about a window.

On short drives IWB holstered I tend to put it over the seat belt which helps a faster draw some protection from the digging in and pinching, although not best practice for conceal purposes.

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No worry about cons. I always carry crossdraw. It’s comfortable, easy to conceal, allows quick and smooth presentation and works fine while seated. What else could you ask for?

Personal preference and training/experience is a factor of course. I could also ask for a greater ability to blade my strong/gun side away from an attacker for drawing with one hand which works a lot better at or just behind the strong side hip than for crossdraw. At or near the hip also offers more consistent draw/presentation for a variety of IWB/OWB/concealed/open/active retention holsters that are readily available moreso than with crossdraw.

Different pros/cons to different carry locations/methods. Nothing without some kind of opportunity cost

Bulletproof glass comes to mind :laughing:

I’ve been around long enough to try a few things and have settled on crossdraw as best for me for all the reasons previously stated. By the time you clear the holster your arm is already straightening toward the target so there is no change of direction. I can be on target quicker this way than any other. As for holsters, I went through a few before finding the “right” one but I now have a fine, retention adjustable rig custom molded for my EDC.

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