Replace Police (Defund Police Services)

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Security handcuffs person and have the police come out. Police take him a block away and drop him off. Two hours later cops show up to a convenient store where same guy stabbed store employee and the police then end up shooting him.
Two guys vandalize multiple stores, breaking windows. Cops show up and tell them to go away,… scotch free!
The question out there is, when does 9-1-1 need to be called? At what point do you call 9-1-1 now? From what I have been told, “Only when it is an actual emergency.”

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Social therapists!!! Lmrao!


The other night I downloaded the new Cops as an app on Fox Nation. I realized why the liberals wanted it off of the air so bad. Because we are infested with criminals in our cities and they deserve to be caught and punished. It isn’t that they are misunderstood it is they are doing the crime and they need to be doing the time. If you get a chance just watch it sometime and listen to the excuses people give for doing what they do.

We need the police because we can see what happens when non armed citizens even attempt to stop crime in some of our bigger cities. Whole drugstore chains are leaving some cities because the left has made theft a minor crime no subject to arrest. Can anyone with a straight face see a social worker showing up to a shop lifting call and getting anyone to listen to them. What will the yell, stop or I will talk to you?

When to drug stores and markets leave a city and you grand parent can’t get their medication and their children have to come from the burbs to deliver food and medication.

It was one of the reasons I supported constitutional carry in my home state. yes it might turn into the wild west but at least everyone will be armed.