Complaining about defunded police and cities!

Seriously! I’ve heard a lot of jokes in my life but this takes ALL the cakes!
A high school principal begging for “Law and Order” on the streets of Minneapolis. Those voices should have been heard 99 days ago.
These are deaf ears. Be careful what you wish for! For every state under the thumb of the “peaceful arsonists, looters, murderers, rapists, cop killers, speed demons and run of the mill law breakers and protesters, you are a 100 days too late and billions of dollars too short.
What,!!! are you now being extorted by your local gang leaders? Your bill for all the destruction just came due. Payable upon receipt!
You have one more chance to make this right, how loud will your voice be? Can you silence the mob, can you put out the fires, can you quell the violence? NOT WITHOUT LAW and ORDER! 1-202-224-3121 hopefully it’s not busy, US Capitol!
The elections are around the corner, choose wisely! Just remember who ENDORSED the violence! Remember whose hands are dripping with blood! Remember who tried and tried to help!
I really don’t know who I’m more upset with the mob or the complainer!


There is so much to be said and I think you covered it nicely. :+1:


Play stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes. Some people have no concept of cause and effect. Maybe time to add a little bleach to the gene pool?