Regional Meet-Up?


The idea of a regional or state meet-up was mentioned in the feedback thread and I’m wondering a couple of things:

What would you want in a meet-up?

How far are you willing to travel for a meet-up?

When would you want to have the meet-up and for how long?

Is this an informal thing or an official USCCA event?

You know me, I’ve got my own ideas :wink: but I want to hear from you!


We did a meet and greet for an online gun page a while back at a gun range. It was a blast, no pun intended. I don’t know how feasible it would be for this community. We are spread all over the nation. I would suggest a booth at a future expo.

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You know me i’ve offered a pool party at our home in CA, yet I’m down for a road trip to Las Vegas


Next time I go to Vegas to visit friends and relatives (yes my mother really does live there) I’ll drop a note and maybe we can to a meet and greet.


I’d prefer to not travel out of state but depending on where this meet up is I wouldn’t mind traveling a few hours.
And as far as informal or formal, it doesn’t matter too much to me but seeing as we’re all spread out across the nation I’d say informal is more likely if we meet regionally or something.


We actually have family in Wisconsin as well near West Bend and planning on stopping by USCCA HQ in the future when we get it together.

This year’s plans are reserved for a Vegas run or two, a few trips to Lake Havasu AZ.


I think keeping it informal at or near a large enough gun range to accommodate a group of shooters, that wouldn’t require a membership would be a great start and then if it grows having USCCA open to hosting the event.

Something like this would probably grow much faster than people expect.

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Say hello to the London Bridge for me Ken.

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I would go for a get together, I live in VA and don’t think I would want to travel much but I would make it. I also like @Sheepdog556 .s Idea of making it like an open house get together, could even invite some friends maybe sign some new folks up to USCCA, and of course get some shooting in ( that’s a must ) and meet some new people.


Im in the twin cities… So. Alot of people and places to meet at here… Im down

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I like the idea of a meet-up! At first, I think an informal date with some USCCA flair. Meaning not to informal where outsiders think it’s just a group of friends getting together with gaining no clue of this community. Could get everyone at the meet up a tshirt that says something about meeting online. Could have fun with it. “I thought you’d be taller,” “the best online hook-up”, etc. Idk. Something that outsiders see brought everyone together and they end up asking “what is the USCCA community?” Just an idea. It would be fun to get together, meet some new people, range time, etc.


I could talk to my homies at Grunt Style and see if they could do something like that… Otherwise, i would just wear my gruntstyle tshirt… Lol


Question… Some of the local PD’s here have shoot houses / ranges… Would it be possible to workout with a department the use of the range and shoot house for a day and do a meet there, could broadcast it through the city papers for 4 to 5 cities around and hit alot of the permit holders that way… Just to let them know… Just a thought😜


Ohhhhh… I like that idea, @Tankrachet86! I’ll definitely add that to my “What if/Can we” list!

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You got my vote @Tankrachet86
Good idea!

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I’m near West Bend, and if you came to Wisconsin, I would gladly take you to shoot at my gun club if you wanted to shoot while in WI.


Likewise my man, if you come out towards these parts


I think a region or state get together is a great idea with the USCCA T-shirts Dawn will get us at a discount


@James @KenM , I would happily go shoot with you guys. coughs just need to sight my AR. Same if yall cross the river to this side, ill take ya shooting at my range i go to. Maybe we should make it the 1st unofficial meet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


Fun! @Tankrachet86 can i tag along? That is if @James will give me a lift or leave me on the curb :rofl: