Regional Meet-Up?

Why not… Practice team drills… It will be fun


I live halfway between Charlotte and Greensboro, NC. I’d go to a Meetup if there was one down this way.

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This is showing a lot of great feedback, I can see this developing into something incredible.

Another passion I have is music, I came across a company called Line 6 in 2004. They developed an interface that allowed you to plug your guitar in to simulate and model real world amps, speakers, and signal effect processing using a windows based PC.

Back then all the rage was Pro Tools using Macs, I couldn’t afford that and was still using an old school 4 track mixer/recorder.

They also partnered with a company named Sonoma Wire Works that developed software for recording music that allowing multi layers and drum tracks.

Sonoma developed an online forum where you could share your songs and interact with other users. It grew where you could collaborate online and record songs from users all over the world.

I met some great people that I still keep in contact with even though that forum is offline now. I feel the same will develop here.


That’s what I’m hoping for - minus the forum being off line! :smiley:


Missouri or Michigan (and probably some of the states in between) and I’m in :slight_smile:


Dawn -
I’m. A little surprised USCCA doesn’t do a local West Bend/ SE Wisconsin meet up. I practically live in your back yard. Less than a mile from my house. I run into people all the time, but we don’t really know each other. At least I have never heard of or been invited to such an event. Only thing I can think of was the Expo you guys had about 5 years ago. I may be wrong… but if I am let me know where/when it is. We missed the open house last year because we were traveling.
Anyway- what do you think about that?

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That is a great idea, or at least a local meet up and training event? It would be nice for the USCCA to run a defensive pistol 1&2 instructor certification out here in Vegas. Not during Shot Show, but like a fall or early spring class. We should have “local” chapter meetings though.

Depends on where and me getting the time off to travel. I dont fly, I’d be willing to drive in the ball park of 1000 miles.

I dont travel to California or other states unfriendly to concealed carry.

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I live in Vegas… I was thinking AZ, UT, or NV. I’d say any where except for CA and within driving distance. I agree…

Do I see another bike trip to Vegas in my future?


Thanks for all the feedback everyone! Keep it coming!

I’m definitely brewing some ideas… nothing concrete enough to talk about yet.

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Come early December time frame, I’ll be making a road trip from Oregon out east then down around California to Southern AZ.

I’m in Middle Tennessee just outside Nashville and we have a surplus of gun ranges around here both inside and outside depending on your preference. There are several people I’m friends with who are also USCCA members just don’t know if they know about this site yet.


I already put my vote in for road trip to Vegas.

I ran the locations by my wife she’s open for Vegas, AZ, Wisconsin as we can visit family in all those areas.

She also asked about Texas and NOLA, so we’re adding those regions as options

Hey, how’re you feeling with the magazine law in CA?!


Good times in CA right now


@Damon, please invite them! We’re building the Community slowly to make sure we’re doing it right. I’d love for you to privately invite your friends and family.

They will have to create a free USCCA account if they’re not a USCCA member.

@Dawn 10-4 will do when I get home later this afternoon. I’m on the road right now in Kentucky.

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You got a win. That’s awesome!


The mom in me is coming out - You’d better not be driving and posting, @Damon!

Stay safe out there! :slight_smile: