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Wondering how many members we have in this area. It would be fun to set up some range time and get some hands on with different firearms.

I’m living in central Arkansas 30 mins north of Little Rock

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About 4 hours north of you in Missouri. (I worked in Conway for a while, right above little rock)

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I grew up in the eastern part of ARKANSAS about 45 miles outside of Memphis TN off I-40. And lived
in Paragould AR for7 years and worked there. Good old ARKANSAS. The close I got to little Rock is about 98 miles East.

William Smith


I’m familiar with Conway.
4 hours north. You closer to St. Louis or Branson


@Sheepdog556 we’re about 45 min east of Springfield MO, so Branson side.

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Im in south central Kansas.


I live 10 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Expo is real close to me, which is awesome. I may travel every year no matter where it is!

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Missouri Ozarks, middle of Mark Twain Forest, no cell service. tv and internet by satellite, nearist neighbor 1/2 mile away, would not live anywhere else.


@Rocklock dude! Missouri Ozarks, end of a dirt road, I’ve got one square foot of dirt driveway that has half a bar of cell service. No TV, internet by satellite, nearest neighbor 1/2 mile away, and definitely would not live anywhere else.


NW TN here so maybe next uscca expo they do in Louisville?


Middle Tennessee just southeast of Nashville and work too much to really get much range time more than 1 day a week.

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We were in Louisville last year, @Chad! When they announce next year’s location, I’ll definitely post it on the Community!

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They need to have one in Nashville. They have had the hockey playoffs and NFL draft, so now we need a USCCA convention here. :joy::joy:

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LOL! That would be fun! I’ll let you all know where the next one is as soon as I know!

I’ll be visiting Nashville in the not too distant future and check it out for the USCCA team :wink: lol!

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Business trips with the USCCA sound rough. I’m sorry for your struggles. Lol


@Dawn let me know when you are going to be in Nashville and I will see if I can get one of my local loads to Nashville and possibly meet up. If you need a tour guide I know the hot spots in Nashville for great BBQ & Hot Chicken.


Winfield by any chance?

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I am roughly 1.5 hours from there. I live in Peabody.


I’m in the Birmingham metro area of Alabama.


Mid Michigan.

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