Alaska USCCA members meeting anywhere?

Hello USCCA MEMBERS everywhere, just curious if any of you are meeting regularly in Alaska?
There are only a handful of shooting ranges here, would be great to join other members or create a Chapter for Anchorage, thoughts?
Thanks and God bless you all.
Be safe, carry one in the pipe:)


Welcome aboard, good question and great idea!
Me, I’m more than 4,000 miles away! Hope you find some folks!
I like the chapter and meeting at the range ideas.


welcome to the family @GhostDragon907 and you are in the right place at the right time.


@GhostDragon907 Welcome to the community.:us: :us: :us:


Great question. Caught my attention as I’ve never been there, would like to.

I could be wrong but I don’t know if the USCCA ever has regular meetings for its members except an annual national conference, even then, it’s classes, companies marketing their sales, not a forum where members formally talk as a group with member discussion, in an organized fashion.

I actually like your idea of there being group meetings, by region (North, South, East, West, or by state). I think the USCCA has a good rep and could be part of such an organization; but I’m not sure they would want to, as identity is a complex thing. They recently ventured into a PAC, political action committee.

What you are referring to reminds me of the NRA. Mind you, I think they are important and supportive of our rights, but I have differences with them and therfore don’t attend their meetings. They are organized to a level and mission where they do have such regional meetings.

Maybe there are some other, or state organizations in support of our 2A rights out there which meet regularly. There are a few in my state. Good luck in your venture and find.

Wish you well. Envy where you live.