Are Tours Available?

Does the USCCA offer tours of their headquarters? Are the videos made/filmed there? What are some things a member can expect when visiting the USCCA (if it’s even possible)?


We do allow tours -HOWEVER- due to the current situation, they are on hold.

We do make some of our videos/films throughout the headquarters as well as on the ranges near us (The Range of Richfield and Highlands Firearms Training Academy in Cascade, WI are two of the ranges we use occasionally).

You’ll get to see all of our smiling faces, you may run into Tim, Kevin and some of the other people you’ve seen in our videos. If there is no filming going on and the studio is open, you might be able to see where we make some of the magic happen.

We also have a store in the main lobby where you can buy the latest USCCA apparel and gear.


I am not sure if there are tours, per se, but I have seen a few people comment about visiting the office. I’ll tag @Dawn and @James to get an accurate answer.

I may have already beat you to it :wink:

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Timing is everything!


THANK YOU for the prompt reply! Looking forward to the end of this virus for many reasons - now I can add one more. Hope to meet you all soon!


You getting old? Reflexes not as they once were? :smile:


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