Lowcountry SC/Northeastern GA Get-together

We would like to begin a no cost training and info sharing get-together in our area for the benefit of any and all firearm owners and users. We have many challenges in our society and many new firearm owners so let’s meet and learn/share/support. Respond and we will get started!


Where you thinking about meeting

Oh boy guess where I’m from and will be in a week


Greenville SC

I am curious as well. It may be worth the trip.

I see we are off to a great start. I’m in Beaufort (and am willing to travel) but initially we can see how we could meet in/around my town.

in/around Beaufort if it’s convenient

I’m in Chester Sc

This is…pretty much my area

:eye::eye:I’m actually from Charleston. Now I gotta read all the insane nonsense I’ve posted for PII

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