Range Day Loadout

What do you take to the range with you? The ONE thing that makes it to EVERY range trip is my IFAK. I’m shocked at how many folks come over to my bench and ask me what’s in the small black bag. Am I alone in always having one of these on or near me? I always take the opportunity to educate a little (and usually end up texting the USCCA website to at least a few folks that immediately get it!). But DAMN! Why is my IFAK so lonely at the range?!?!?!?!

In any case, always interested in what folks bring with them to make for a productive range day. Yesterday in my bag I had:

  • two sets of electronic hearing protection (Walker Ultimate Quads with BT and Walkers Silencers 2.0 with BT) and a few disposable foam plug ones for folks that “forgot” theirs.
  • a Wheeler Engineering gunsmith screwdriver and bits in a hard plastic case
  • a compact handheld 2-10x Monocular
  • several ziplock bags to collect extra brass
  • a small light hammer and brass punch since yesterday I was shooting OLD guns that needed their sights drifted/regulated (notice box of 45-60? Does anyone here even know what that is? :rofl:).
  • Small roll of duct tape and heavy duty stapler
  • a length of parachord so I can fix “stuff” like broken target frames and such.
  • a truckload of orange target dots so I can make my own targets layouts out of the blank backs of the targets my range has.
  • a small Ouchy Kit (First Aid miscellaneous like band-aids, small dressings, surgical tape, aspirin, antibacterial ointment, alcohol swipes, burn cream and eye drops etc…)

Other stuff makes it in an out as needed… So what’s in your bag that comes in handy?


I’m surprised that people don’t use their own IFAK l, counting on medical kits hanging on the range / store wall… :zipper_mouth_face:
I remember my first class and discussion with the Instructor about the gear he was wearing. He showed his trauma kit and told me - this is not for you, this is for me. I got that and for the next class I was equipped with my own kit.

Anyway… What’s in by bag? Those:

  1. Additional holster (sometimes I practice OWB, sometimes IWB )
  2. Ear bugs
  3. Eye protection
  4. Ammo
  5. Small gunsmith tools
  6. Few CLP cleaning clothes
  7. Paper targets
  8. Sticky notes
  9. Sharpie markers
    And of course IFAK / trauma kit

I’m guessing it’s a standard equipment every shooter brings to the range. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’d be shocked… :rofl:


Never without one. Own 4, a large one with extras for range, 2nd one in jeep, 3rd one in motorcycle and 4th one in RV. Point is to train using the different life saving items.
Talking about the med kits.


I always have my trauma kit with me when I’m shooting. The rest of my loadout is pretty standard and similar to yours. Extra eye and ear protection. Small tool kit, small cleaning kit, up Lula mag loader. Some extra ammo. Preloaded mags. Targets, stick on dots, masking tape and stapler if I’m outdoors, plastic zip locks for brass, today I knocked a scab off and reached into my small boo boo bag separate from my trauma kit for an alcohol wipe and Band-Aid. Usually throw in a protein bar since I’m diabetic just in case. Usually wearing my EDC holster but I always have the holster for my secondary EDC which I usually shoot also.

I too don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have a trauma kit with them.


Out of all of the stuff you bring, I don’t have a monocular, the Ziploc bags, and the hammer/punch.

The manufacturer names are different. Where I do diverge. I have extra batteries for my lights and or red dots. I have a pretty large IFAK, that’s just my training, I was an FMF corpsman in the military and a flight medic in civilian life. So I look at life through that lens.

I have additional preloaded magazines for each handgun I own.

Cleaning kit and Hoppes lube (Hubba, Hubba. Yes I went there) for just in case.

I’m guessing you didn’t put down glasses, because you already wear glasses. I have a couple of Oakleys for eye pro.

One weird thing, a roll of quarters. They have a super leet usage… Yep I buy soft drinks with it.

Edit: I have a lot of other things but they are part of my EDC.


In addition to what most people bring, I’ve added, additional full set of clothing ( ■■■■ happens ), foul weather gear, gloves, knee and elbow pads, write in rain log book, various multi tools, flashlights, light sticks, magazine loaders, batteries, extras bolt carrier groups, springs, alcohol wipes, bug spray…

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-Defensive firearm
-First-Aid Kit
-2 sets of earmuffs
-2 Sets of ear plugs
-2 sets of eye protection
-Heavy duty stapler
-Paper plates
-index cards
-Cardboard targets
-Stickers for covering shots on target
-Tool kit
-Punch kit w/interchangeable hammer heads
-Cleaning kit
-Trash bags

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@Scott52 I too carry bug spray.

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Either Happy Birthday or Anniversary, can’t remember which cake is which!
Gotta love those early morning mosquitos and fire ants…


Extra set of eyes and ears in case I encounter a novice who came unprepared. They shouldn’t be mocked but rather assisted.


I’m lucky, the ranges I frequent lately are above 3,500 ft in elevation. No bugs even in the summer :+1::+1::+1:


A lot of stuff I need for training lives in my Instructor Admin bag which is usually in my Jeep Gladiator. Pens, multi-tool, markers of different sizes and colors, spare knife, light, bore light, lens pen…

The big white paint marker is great score marking gear at the range. If I don’t do that common items like water bottles and Glock magazines seem to walk…


Agree!!! I also carry spare “disposable” safety glasses and ear plugs in my Jeep just in case. I buy the safety glasses from Amazon by the dozen for about $1.50/ each and the earplugs in bags of 100. I seem to go through them faster than you’d think…

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Totally depends on what range I’m going to, what I plan to be doing, with what guns, for how long, in what weather if outside, etc.

At minimum…

Gun I’m shooting
Eye Pro
Ear Pro
Shot Timer

There is always more, but, things that always go no matter what, that might be about it.

I had…a lot of stuff a couple days ago when I went to a night time carbine+pistol NV class in driving rain. Huge list.

Most fall somewhere close to the minimum as all I do is a hundred or two rounds of 9mm for EDC type training

I read all of your topic. But honestly, I stopped at Jeep Gladiator. I am thinking very seriously about getting one

I’ve owned 3 Jeeps prior to the Gladiator. They’ll take this one off my cold dead hands! I love this thing!!! Waited a few years so they could work out the kinks but finally last year I pull the trigger on. 2022. Big bonus it’s the first Jeep my wife likes riding in :rofl:

Perfect for hauling all I need for a range session!!!


So, want to adopt a 58 ish child.


Lines a little long right now :rofl:


So mean. :+1: