What’s in your range bag?


What’s in your range bag? Post a picture if you’d like!

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Always a box of 9mm, staple gun, muffs, extra shooting glasses, paper plates (poor man targets), an IFAK, and maybe some matchbox cars that I can play with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I’ve got two open boxes of 9mm luger ammo, two Sigs, a revolver (my son’s), a couple of boxes of .380 ammo, folded targets, 3-4 pair of safety glasses, 3 pair of ear muffs, a container of ear plugs that a friend left in there, a box of my 9mm carry ammo, a speed loader, and my favorite pair of sunglasses - or three pair of sunglasses because I always leave them in their and forget they’re there.


Electronic ear protection, some foam ear plugs, three pairs of shooting glasses, Uplula speed loader, Otis cleaning kit, Qtips, a pack of Ramrodz, a few paper towels, a few pair of rubber gloves, toothbrush, a roll pin punch, a freezer bag and some sandwich sized Ziplok bags, Hoppes #9, CLP, gun cleaning mat, two lined sleeves for extra guns that came with the bag, paper targets, and a log book.

The ammo as well as extra magazines don’t go into the bag until I’m ready to head out and I carry the gun, although I did just buy a Glock 19 Gen 5 that will eventually get transferred to my wife that will go in the bag next time I go to the range.


Why restrict yourself to a bag?

I dont have a designated bag, working on a rolling case (off road electric drive).

Electronic ears, eye protection, q-tips, lube, paper towels, ammo for the guns out for the day plus my carry, targets, first aid kit, etc.


Rolling case? Like you haul tools in, @Orpackrat?


2 sets of eye and ear protection, one for me, one for my son. Targets, push pins for hanging targets, an ink pen, a swab and bore brush for my .357(I’ll brush and swab if I’ve shot a lot of 38, and want to go back to magnums), and empty coffee cans for policing my brass. Last, but not least, the hard cases for any pistols I’m taking. I carry enough ammo, that it rides in a plastic ammo box.


I saw two guys come to the range with rolling Stanley Fat Max tool boxes and thought hey I have one of those. There are three good sized compartments and a removal tray. If they roll well on a job site it should work to haul to the range.

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What kind of revolver?

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Ruger GP100. It goes to the range every time. It’s my favorite gun, and a dream to shoot.


@Dawn I always use Rigid cases as they are built far tougher than all the others and has a good interlock system.

I have the motors and battery plus controllers from a hoverboard I will be mounting.


It depends on what I’m doing, I always carry extra eyes and ears, some basic gunsmithing and troubleshooting tools, cleaner, a few different lubes, a few different squib rods, a staple gun, 2 timers, lots of ammo, extra mags, a backup gun, large clean cotton rags, an oil cloth, and so on. My bag weighs about 40 lbs. :roll_eyes:, but I like to be ready for anything.


Were you a Boy Scout, @Steve-G?


Sure was, that’s how I got my FID card at 14 years old, and my pistol permit at 18. It was for target and sporting at first, and there was no real paperwork to fill out, you had to have a sit down with the chief of police, and he most likely had known you from birth, lol. When I turned 21, I wanted it for “all lawful purposes”, again with the sit down, it was a new chief this time and I dated his daughter for a short time, (he didn’t like me much :wink:) he issued it to me anyways with a series of threats as to how I could have it taken away and go to jail. Lol things were so different back then, and with a small town mentality to boot. Put it this way, if you got in trouble back then, the cops would always threaten to tell your father, I would always say, please just take me to jail, don’t tell my father. They would tell him, and I would get my ass handed to me.


Ruger SP101 - It’s my son’s but I keep it in my range bag because his stuff is in there too for now. :slight_smile:


In my bag … case with shooting glasses with the interchangeable colored lens, electronic earmuffs, several sets of ear plugs, tactical flashlight, pen, range log, small tool kit, extra mags for whatever I’m shooting (usually glock 21, ruger p89), folding knife, ammo for whatever I’m shooting (.45acp, 9mm), roll of targets, a gallon baggie for collecting brass, IFAK, anti-fog cleaning wipes for glasses, hand cleaning wipes, lip balm, hair bands, shooting belt if it’s not on me, alternate holster if I’m training on more than one,
and one lonely .22LR round… not sure why that’s in there :smiley:
I have the GPS Tactical backpack - HUGE fan. Pockets for everything, well organized, integrated rain cover, and it holds 3 individual pull-out soft gun cases (4 in the tall backpack)
I need to add push pins and clips for targets and a micro cleaning kit.


I haven’t been able to find a range log that fit the bill, but then, I haven’t done a deep search either. Right now I have a spreadsheet that I’ve printed and made my own from.

Range Log Spreadsheet

Mind if I ask what you use?


That’s awesome, @Fish! Have you considered putting that into a Google Sheets format so you can update it on your phone? Or do you like the hard copy version? There are still things I prefer to track on paper :wink:

Someone mentioned this one to me - not an endorsement, but their stuff looks interesting: impactdatabooks.com


I just got this:

There are some log cards as well as the drill cards. I’ll pop some info on here tonight.


Funny. I work in Healthcare I.T. with cutting edge tech, 18,000+ computers, and multiple data centers, but there are some things that, like you, I just prefer to do with paper. I can jot a quick paper note at the range faster than I can double-thumb it into my phone.