How many Bags do you need?

#1 - Range Bag, #2 - Firearm Cleaning/Maintenance Bag, #3 - Dry Fire Home Training Bag, #4 - Odds & Ends Bag.
#5 - Wife’s Range Bag. I’m thinking of getting another one just in case more stuff comes along. (Which you know it will).


I don’t need as many as I have. Range day, generally 3, 3 gun bag for rifles,really more a soft case, the USCCA pistol bag for pistols, the beat to crap NRA bag for spotting scope, towel, eyes, ears, cleaning stuff etc…
Backpacks for hiking, got a big one and several day packs. Got a bunch of nice nylon and canvas bags, my wife used to work at a GNC and got me a few gym bags, and several shops I worked at gave out nice bags with their aviation based logos on them.
As far as need. Need the 3 range bags. Need the big backpack and one day pack, need 2 of the other bags for travel.


My range bag, Nancy’s range bag, cleaning kit/repair/tool kit bag. Medium Trauma/ get me out of trouble Bag. GHB always in the buggy. Plus targets and various Pistol and Rifle cases. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As @BRUCE26 points out, it takes an infinite number of bags to cover all the bases. :wink:

But for the range, I have one primary bag with all the basics to run a primary handgun. Actually, it’s an out-of-production Rubbermaid tackle box — perfect, but apparently now irreplaceable (Please don’t break; PLEASE don’t break!). Then a similar capacity bag for each common caliber, which could be set up for range use but are now just storage of holsters, ammo, spare parts, etc for that caliber. I also have a couple simpler bags to accommodate just a pistol and specific items to bring a secondary gun along.

Shooting at a personal range, I keep a cargo box on-site with targets, backers, clamps, fire and medical kits, etc — so no toting back and forth of the more cumbersome stuff. Someday, I’ll shoot at somebody else’s facility and see what that’s like.

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My wife says I have a bag fetish, but all of them get used…

There are 8 range bags in my house right now, 2 of them are hers. I HATE re-packing bags so they are all set up for different purposes like LR rifle, CQB AR, Trap, Pistols etc…. I also have a ton of back packs for different purposes from day packs for hunting and civilized ones for airline travel, to a few 3 day tactical bags and my BIG expedition pack. About 3-4 waist packs, 5 Different Maxpedition bags like sling packs and 2 Fatboys. And that doesn’t count the bags that carry my ARs, my FAL, my Precision LR Rifle and assorted hunting guns. Gear bags, tool bags, ammo bags, magazine bags and Oh, one really nice padded Bow case :grin:

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No ‘go’ bag in case you need to get out in a hurry?

One range bag, one magic bag. That’s enough.

The range bag has all my regular stuff, ear/eye pro, a small cleaning kit and a small tool kit, Uplula, range finder, Pact timer, extra targets, tape, stapler and staples. It’s got a regular gun (the one I regularly train with) with extra mags and a full box of 9mm, and space for a special guest appearance (the second gun I’ll take to try/test/practice) — this way I can force myself to limit my day’s focus on just two firearms.

In addition to a velcro IFAK and tourniquet, the magic bag has at least one box of cartridges for every caliber I shoot… And maybe a surprise or two. I can’t say what those might be, because, you know, magic.

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Assuming we’re just talking about range bags?

One small range bag, when it’s just me and I’m training with one pistol.

One large range bag, when I’m bringing multiple pistols and/or going with multiple people (more ear/eye pro).

Both the range bags carry ear/eye pro, ammo, mags, targets, mag loaders, cleaning kit, tools, trauma kit, stapler, and probably some other odds and ends.

A rifle bag. A small rifle bag. These bags just carry the rifles, mags and whatnot go in the range bags.

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let me see… :thinking:

#1 → Monday’s Range Bag
#2 → Tuesday’s Range Bag
#3 → Wednesday’s Range Bag
#4 → Thursday’s Range Bag
#5 → Friday’s Range Bag
#6 → Saturday’s Range Bag
#7 → Sunday’s Range Bag

… ehhh… just kidding… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I use single, big enough, Range Bag to keep firearm, ammo, extra mags, notepad, sticky notes, targets, Sharpies, SIRT, small tools and CLP Wipes in it.

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I generally keep an old, school backpack (probably a Target purchase about 25 years ago) that I keep my range gear, i.e. targets, ammo, eyes and ears, and range related odds and ends (FAK, sighting tools, etc.). I then keep a separate, lockable gun or rifle case for whatever I am shooting that day. If it is a one-pistol day, I have a small pistol case that I can slide in the aforementioned backpack.

Some ranges don’t want you cleaning firearms there, so I keep my main cleaning supplies and maintenance odds and ends in a “banker’s box” at home. From moving so many times throughout the years, I’ve really come to appreciate these banker’s boxes. They hold a decent amount, are stackable, have handles, aren’t too big or too small, and it’s easy to write the contents on the side so you know what’s what.

Side note: I don’t know the quality of today’s inexpensive backpacks, so you might want to make sure both the material and stitching are strong enough to hold up to the weight of all that you put in it.

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Go Bag, Oh Yes…

Get a Chronometer and it usually comes in a bag. I have my Gunsmith tool bag. One range bag for rifles and one for pistols. then I have my get home bag and a first aid / trauma kit.

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Only two.
The too small range bag and the current too large range bag that replaced it


That problem’s easy to fix – and fun too. :wink:


We are just like you guys except we carry a medical bag

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Well as I thought, went to a sportsman store and ended up buying another range bag. :roll_eyes:


Guess it’s time to buy another gun to put in it then. :wink:


Already have Alces .

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