What's in Your Range Bag?

Had a great day yesterday, and actually was glad that I took the time to be prepared! Went to a local outdoor range with a friend and his son to sight in Rifles, and was glad I had the following items:

  1. Leatherman tool
  2. 7 x 35 binoculars
  3. Extra Ammo
  4. A quarter, Dime, Nickel and Penny
  5. Ears, Extra Eyes
  6. Magazines
  7. Towels
  8. Gun Oil
  9. Two Turniquettes
  10. Trauma kit.

The three of us went with AR’s to the outdoor range and it would have been an unproductive time without preparation. The Leatherman had hex key attachments so my friend was able to adjust his sightmark red dot sight. The coins came in handy for me and his son to adjust the sights on our Rifles. All of us used the binoculars. Even though it was only 50 yards, 22 and 7.62 holes in targets can be difficult to see. The towels came in handy since the concrete bench would have been abrasive on my rifle and binoculars.

The last thing was even more important, if you are a novice to basic gun mechanics, bring your knowledge, learn the workings of your firearm, practice practice and practice operating the action and knowing how it works. Since we had to walk out to the target, knowing how an empty magazine locks back the bolt is a good thing. When the range was shut down to retrieve targets helps. Knowing how to lock back the bolt without a magazine can be helpful to.


Personally, I generally bring 3 bags. Besides pistols, rifles and ammo, it’s eyes, ears, spares of both, Allen wrenches, swiss army knife, Leatherman multi tool,ballistol,boresnake, towel, rags, q tips,lead free wipes,bug spray in season,gloves in the other season. First aid/ trauma kit on truck console…60x spotting scope.

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That’s a good list.

I only have one TQ and IFAK in the bag, but when I bring my PC there’s one there too, and there’s also one in the car.

Other things I try to keep in a bag

*Extra chamber flags
*Dummy rounds/snap caps in popular cartridges
*Boresnakes in popular cartridges
*Staple gun, staples, push pins
*3x5 index cards
*Pens, Sharpies, pasties
*Bug spray/sunscreen

It’s nice when other people know how to lock their bolts back, but it’s even nicer when I let them have an extra chamber flag and we can all see it with a casual glance.

A boresnake can be used to clean but more often to verify there wasn’t a squib. It won’t clear a squib or a stuck case like a rod will, but it takes up a lot less space, can’t be misused to damage a crown, and it’s almost never an actual squib anyway