Range Bag Dump: First Aid Kit?

Dawn recently started a thread about ear protection, which prompted me to take a closer look at the contents of my range bag. What I discovered was a first aid kit that is more appropriate for camping or hiking, minor cuts and scrapes and bug bites, but totally inadequate for the kind of serious trauma that would result from an incident at the range or in the field .

I need to acquire a new kit with all of the proper equipment for handling gunshot wounds or other serious injuries. Does anyone in the community have any suggestions for what to buy? I know these kits can be fairly expensive, but as far as I am concerned price is no object when preparing for the unthinkable.


I carry an IFAK and a hiking kit.

IFAK for major injuries

Hiking kit for scraps, cuts and bug bite type issues.

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I have a first aid and trauma kit in my range bag.

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Check here. They have kits for just about every scenario you can think of.

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