Oh that is horrible!! Have you reported it to the shipper?

Yes I have. Unfortunately, as much as I would rather have the primer, all they can do is issue a refund.

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Yeah that truly sucks but I am glad you got your money back.

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Up Date a Friend of my wife from bus barn she work for contact us seeing if we need ammo or reloading supplies . Her son open a gun shop in late 2019. I contacted him but at that time he was wipe out but said they promised to fill an order as so . April 26 I received Email that the supplies can in . ask me if still needed primers . He is holding 3 boxes of 100 count for me till May 1 with no money down knowing I live 1 hr., drive time one way. I just found my supply store .


It’s a wonder that the Chinese don’t start making primers…they make everything else.

Not sure I’d trust Chinese primers…

In other news…Shipton’s Big R in Sheridan, WY had 40+ bricks of primers Monday. Stupid expensive at $67-$107 depending on flavor.

Sheridan…probably true.

Primers are coming back at online vendors but selling out somewhere between a few hours and a few days. Long way to go before there is any downward pressure on price, but things have improved since this thread was started. I don’t see the price per brick dropping much below $60 for a long time, until vendors can’t move the stock, so my suggestion would be to recalibrate what is considered a good deal to about 2x what it was before.


Sportsmans warehouse in Murfreesboro had these today. 1000 primers per customer. $53.76 out the door with TN sales tax.

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Wow great price! I had finally found some at Brownells but they were 20bucks more.

I still don’t get the primer pricing… Bullets are only a couple buck more than pre-panic. Powder hasn’t increased much at all but primers…3-4 times as much !

You really can’t argue supply and demand because you need bullets and powder as much as primers.

I only hope it’s the retailers jacking the price up so much in hopes to slow over buying. I know of I found a brick of primers at $25-30 I’d snatch up an arm load. At $65-100 I simply walk on past.

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Retailers that are asking over $60-$65 are padding a little bit, I think. CCI’s web store has most primer sizes at $61.99 (not that they are in stock). Bullets haven’t gone up much, that’s true, nor powder, really, but loaded 9mm range ammo is still 2-4x what it used to be. The longer you wait, the more closely the price for primers will approach the new normal, whatever it is, but I wouldn’t wait so long that I was vulnerable to running out if something unexpected happens. I doubt you’ll see prices approach their old levels. In order to get back down that far, I think you’ll need a situation where manufacturers have ramped up capacity and have too much inventory in the pipeline. Factoring in the inflation that is being purposefully engineered by the powers that be, and considering that domestic primer manufacturers will probably want to maintain higher inventory levels than ever before, I personally don’t expect to see those prices again in my lifetime. If I’m wrong, we both win.

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I got an email from wholesale hunter last Monday that they had primers in stock. I went to order them and they were asking over $200 per 1000. I just need to remember to never buy anything from them in the future. So much to remember years down the road from now…

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Dang, that there are Gun Broker prices ! :open_mouth:

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RCBS is selling primers. The catch is you have to buy a set of dies. Also, have you checked Armslist?


Same here I am on social security too no way!!

Looking for 209 Shot shell primers here. Suggestions?

I haven’t seen any shotgun 209 (several kinds of muzzle loader 209 though) at Midway but they are getting primers in on a regular basis. I started checking there daily and they usually show up weekdays between 7:30 and 8:30 am Missouri time zone. Some large pistol magnum were in stock nearly 24 hours last week. They are limiting to 1000 of a kind/brand per household per week. One day I could have put 4000 primers in my cart, but had bought 2000 a couple of weeks prior, and then the match primers sold out. CCI BR4 I believe.