The ever elusive reloading primers

This is hard trying to maintain practice and competitions. Small pistol primers are very hard to get our hands on. I am starting to wonder when we are going to see a lot more on the shelf.

I just received a new reloader in the mail. I’m having a difficult time finding small pistol primers.

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This is very concerning! I cannot find any anywhere!!! None in stores, none online, period. This has been the case for 7-weeks, over a month. Very few have been available before this time.
So we saw toilet paper go off the shelf but it’s back…why not primers? As of today 27 Nov 20 there appears to be no primers available for purchase…none in warehouses, none as old stock on some dusty shelf, none. Please tell me why? If you are saying 100% of production has stopped due to COVID…I don’t believe it. Hell, tell me where the factory is I’ll volunteer to work for free! Why is Federal/Winchester/CCI all silent??? I wish someone would explain this more clearly to me! I am not a big follower of conspiracy theories but people hoarding and “we can’t keep production up with demand due to COVID” just doesn’t add up or am I just going nuts?

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Jerry I know. Plus notice little ammo. It seems like the primer production is going right to ammo production just like in 2013 I think it was. Eventually production ramped up enough. It is just getting to that point is the problem. Hopefully we will see more soon. Then I will need to have higher limits of primers on hand.


Politics, plain and simple. To think the world’s production has stopped is just not true. I know people have blamed the shortage on the increase in gun sales, wrong those people don’t reload, I would be surprised if most know how to load the weapon. Some people blame the Covid-19. Most of the ammo manufacturing is done by robots, has the world of ammo production stopped, NO, just check out the latest murder stats in Chicago.
Don’t let the bastards grind you down, ask questions demand answers, then ask again and again.

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I read that Federal has stated that they have over $1 billion outstanding on backorder. I’m sure that is similar for most other manufactures. They’re probably focused on making complete cartridges, not selling components.

With Remington’s bankruptcy that also took out a major primer manufacture. There are not that many going around.

What I don’t understand is, why foreign companies are not importing more. I could easily believe leftist bureaucrat are to blame there. Not unlike how Obama holdovers in the AFT have been going rogue, despite clear instructions from DOJ.


I found a company that had plenty. I added it to my cart and on route to checking out it said I needed some permit. Turned out to be a company from Canada.

I know I found a lot of them in Canada but won’t ship to U.S.A. where they came from

Interesting read a friend just sent…

Blog | Powder Valley (

I just over paid for dies on EBAY. Amazon wanted $80 more. I ended up paying $126 for a product listed as $67 on several sites. One site listed them at $47 without tax and shipping.

Wow. Not available elsewhere? What cal, if you don’t mind me asking?

I know a fair number of high mucky mucks in the gun world on a personal (Christmas Card list personal) level. I called one in particular a few months back and he told me he is down to THOUSANDS of primers when he normally stocks MILLIONS. He has war fighters calling from their locations to get ammo and he cannot fill the requests. The inventory is not there. This is the CEO of a top shelf ammo mfg saying he cannot fill combat requirements. Ammo / Powder companies have millions of pounds of powder to mfg their own ammo but THEY can’t get primers at normal volumes. Primers are the choke point in the ammo chain because you cannot screw up when doing it and you can only do it so fast and EVERYBODY wants them. Ammo is being made in spurts for the civilian community but there are much bigger fish in the pond. Imports would be welcomed but there are still too many gov’t rules and fees and the US isn’t the only one with a work slow down on the “hands on” or manufacturing side of the house as well as the distribution and deliver systems.

It sucks. Dry fire more, save ammo.



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