Yeah I have an excellent relationship with the local gun stores but they are tapped out like everywhere else in line is, and yep the dyes, and powder everything is on backorder here as well too.

Same here, a brick of CCI #41, looking to trade for SPP, Near Carson City area

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A vendor on Gunbroker was selling old (by the box color) primers for $165/1000. Those are the only ones I have seen for months.

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Yes it’s insane

Alright, I’ll who’s going to be the first to make their own primers?


Lol nah I give that a pass.


I call Turners sporting goods twice a week on delivery days. In 2 months of calling, I have only been able to buy 600 small pistol mag primers. I have had to cut my range time way down.

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Almost zero range time here it is quite depressing.

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I have a box of any where matches and almost 1000 used primers to test with lol

You’d have to go back to 2019 to find primers. The only companies that make primers also make ammunition (e.g. Federal, Winchester, CCI/Speer). With demand being what it is for ammo, those manufacturers are using their primers to produce ammo, which is more profitable for them. Basically, we used to be able to buy primers when demand for ammo was down and they weren’t running three shifts/day to keep up with demand. We were buying their “excess inventory”. From what I understand, we won’t be seeing any pistol primers again until we start seeing ammo back on the shelves with the prices dropping back down by at least 50% of what it is today. Having said that, I have heard stories of some people finding shotshell primers and some even finding rifle primers in very limited quantities (retail, not someone selling their excess stash to make a few bucks).