Post Your Humble Brag Targets Here!

@WildRose the 3" round targets are 15 yards.
I’d passed my CWP already.

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I was actually wondering if there was some sort of “monthly challenge” in this forum. I’ve seen it on a few other boards, where someone will setup a drill/challenge of some sort, and then people will post how they did during the timeframe (I think usually a month).

Maybe this could be something similar? I don’t know if I’d do every month, but I’d do most probably. It would have to be drills that could be done on any range at reasonable distances.

There are valid points brought up about privacy/legal implications so maybe just a disclaimer in the OP about it for those who maybe hadn’t thought about it.

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This is so fun! I got to hang with Pat Mac a few weeks back. I wasn’t trusting my precision at speed. He gave me a few pointers and then … I did this.
10 shots @ 15 yards in 5 seconds.


Wow. Nice!

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Truth is, I have many many targets that are worse. :wink:
I’ve been trying the “guerrilla approach” 25 sec targets. Have not passed it yet!

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@Sully_LST, is that shooting with both eyes open or one closed?

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Both eyes closed!!

Both open. It’s taken me a year of training, but I can shoot with both open. On some drills I squint a little. Long shots.

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I think the target would have to move a little closer, like to say 15 inches for me to come close to replicating that!

Great shooting Dude :+1:

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Shooting with Pat Mac is on my dream list for sure. I am pretty jealous.

I think there is a middle ground to be found in the post/don’t post discussion. I agree that indiscriminately posting training targets is probably not wise, but posting nothing at all could also be twisted by someone with an agenda. The “crazed, paranoid loner” scenario comes to mind.

In this day and age of ubiquitous social media, not engaging with peer groups online could be painted as aberrant behavio r; if not today, then in the near future. My own use of SM is limited to certain narrowly focussed platforms such as this one rather than the “broadcast to the world” types like Facebook and twitter.

The key is to present an overall online impression of moderation and reasonableness and self improvement. If you’re worried about how that might be used by a third party, well, once the twisting begins it can just as easily be twisted to your defense as to your destruction.

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@James He’s super nice. Regular dude. Laughs at himself. And then crushes it on range.

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@Gary_H Ha! I’m sure that’s not true, but all it takes is practice.

I thought the results on the three inch round targets were pretty good for a used firearm costing $235.
The shots on the little silhouette (you can judge the size by the leaves and stick) were from a brand new never fired CZ P-07. It shoots better now, but still not as well as the Tanfoglio.
So anyone on a limited budget should not think you have to pay large sums for a good shooter. After a point you start to pay LOTS of money for hand polishing and finishing, not just the better quality parts. Buy the best quality you can afford, not the most expensive you can afford.

That’s what I’ve heard. I’m waiting for one of his classes to come near WI.

As I mentioned in another thread yesterday’s range results were not the best compared to what I’ve seen others do here and what I’ve actually even performed in the past so all humble, no brag today. But that’s why we practice right?

Using my regular carry .40 S&W (SR40c), 7yds…weather was nasty (53 deg, med-heavy rain and wind) not that I should use it as an excuse, but I do need to continue practicing in it…like we used to say in the military…if it ain’t raining it ain’t training. That’s actually why I didn’t post these yesterday, I had to let the targets dry out, lol. Markings outlining rectangle and triangle added after practice.

1st target, standard draw from conceal, fire twice while moving to “get off the X.” My misses (11 outside rectangle, 24 inside) remain left and tend to be when I’m moving to the right and 2nd shot). Triangle was rapid (half second splits) accuracy 5rds.

2nd target (center mass target) I was working on firing using both eyes open. Not gonna lie, that’s an unnatural move for me (very used to even when moving at least blinking my left eye shut in order to get that front sight aligned). First few rounds were all high and I had to “off-set” to start getting in the rings (aiming at the bottom right outside of the red bullseye instead of at the red dot)Three bullseyes going across the top were for accuracy, 5, 5 and 4 again half second splits (although on the last one I slowed it down to 1sec splits so improved accuracy. Shots tend to ride up (not sure what’s up with the crazy flyer off target on first bullseye). Any tips (especially on shooting with both eyes open) are welcome.

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Looks like some solid training. What’s vexing you as for as results? Recoil? Finding front site again? You don’t seem to be consistently missing in one spot.

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Thanks…on target one…fewer outside the box, even though they’re still on the body, they may not be threat stopping. Draw time was ok for me avg 2.26 with heavy shirt no jacket (coming from IWB holster)

On the second target (center mass portion), I need to figure out and remember where my aim point needs to be when I have both eyes open (instead of the first several being off high/left).

Some dot-torture. 30 feet 4 shots on each. No timer. G19.

This training has proved very valuable to me. Great for press practice.


Excellent shooting @Sully_LST !!

Now when you do this drill do you do all of the “stations?” (draw, strong hand, weak hand, mag change etc?)

@JamesR For this particular one, I did only 2 handed from low ready. Rain prevented outdoor shooting and our indoor range is a no holster zone.
I’ve made other drills with thus same target. I’ll find some photos. These are from
Instagram “Sully_LST”

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