What distance do you set your target at (handgun)?


When you’re at the range, what distance do you set your target at and why?

The Up Close Gunfight

That depends on what I’m shooting. I always first practice with a target at 6 feet. That is where home invasion shooting happens at. I start with the sidearm pointing down then then I raise it real fast and fire 2 rounds at center mass. I usually practice this for a 100 rounds. Then I shoot for accuracy after that. 380 at 15 to 25 feet. 45 acp 10 to 40 yards. My in between sidearms at various ranges. 3 to 30 yards.


It really depends on my mood and how long it’s been since I have shot. If It has been awhile, I put it close and don’t worry about trying to hit bulls eye, I just aim at the target and keep pulling the trigger to get get used the recoil of each of my guns. Then after I do that, I set my target wherever and try to hit my mark. If my son is with me we usually share a lane so I let him set it.


Usually like to practice at 20 yards, on occasion, i go upwards of 50 yards.

Had fun with my youngest brother at 50 yards shooting pistols at some golf balls i got at a yard sale that said range on them…

Our targets are usually clays placed all over.

My favorite practice when i carry my pistols with sa/da is a double action trigger pull after a full or partial concealed draw. How fast and accurate i can be on the fly.


Pistols i generally shoot at 3, 7, 10 yards. Rifles i shoot 50 and 100 yrds.


I shoot pistols at 7-25 yards. Rifles anywhere from 25-220 yards (permanent gongs at the range I go to are at 220).


I’ve kept it at 7 yards for now. Alternate between two, strong, and weak hand, plus changing between isosceles and weaver stance. 100 rounds only goes so far. Probably need to buy a .22 to augment my .40.


I usually start cold, somewhere around 3 to 5 yards, draw from holster and fire. I mix it up; sometimes two center mass with a head shot, other times five or six shots center mass. I also will sometimes go back to the ready position, then simulate another bad guy showing up and firing again before reholstering. Either way, I try to look around to make sure the “scene” is secure before reholstering. I shoot at additional distances also, the further ones not as quick. Nice mix of reloads and malfunctions thrown in for good measure.


Does anyone use the turn/facing targeting systems at their range? What distance do you set those to?


Pistol i like to start cold at 25 yds. Figuring those will be my worst shots of the day and show me how ive improved since my last trip.
Rifle i shoot my AR anywhere from 3 to 500 yds. In transition drills i shoot both pistol and rifle at various distances and angles from 3 to 25 yds.


I don’t usually measure, but I do like to practice using the “21 foot rule” as a general guideline for a handgun. :slightly_smiling_face:


The one time I did it at ROR I set it to 10 I believe.


Usually I set my target about 7 to 10 yards because I most often carry practitioner for conceal carry otherwise I’m at about 25 yards if I’m shooting for accuracy when time is not an issue.but since I’m constantly carrying concealed I like to keep my skills uP…


My carry gun 3-10 yards, with an occasional longer shot out to 50. My 6 inch 357, 10 to 100, with most shooting done at 25-30. Rifles, I like 100 yards, and just keep trying smaller targets. 8 Oz milk jugs full of water are my favorites.


7 yards or closer for the legal SD distance, but I do like to send it out farther a bit at a time to see if I can hit it and where. Not much else to do at indoor ranges which is all we have, and we have to go out of state for those


Usually at 7-10 yards for pistol and sometimes closer depending what kind of drill i am doing. Rifle would be at 25 - 50 yards ( 223). Carbine i will shoot 25 yards or better . Some qualifying is at 15 yards so i shoot at that distance just to stay up with it


Depends on Pistol size

  1. Full size I use 10 and 25 yards
  2. Compact size 7, 10 and 15 yards
  3. Sub Comapct size 7 and 10 yards
    Usually full size has more accuracy due to barrel length 4"+ as the barrel gets shorter it becomes less accurate for longer distance.

I like 15 and 25 feet but will send it out to 50 for fun. I hit my target. But I’m still working on a more consistent grip. AR I like 25 to 100 yards. I’m looking for a place I can shoot 300 yards. Expert marksman on M16. My AR has a 16.5” barrel. So that a bit different than the M16 @ 20” I believe. It’s new.


I usually start at 10 or 15 feet, and extend it out to 45 feet, whatever 25 yards is. I do most of my training anywhere 20 feet and under. I enjoy long distance because that is where I am weak. Gives the most challenge.


For dry fire it is usually about 3-7 yards (in my safe environment basement). A the life fire range it is 3-7 yards. I am not much better outside of that. After watching today’s into the fray, I am convinced that I need to keep working at this range with my combative skills.