The Up Close Gunfight


When I’m at the range, I have a tendency to want to see how I shoot at longer distances. (We talk about what distance you set your target at here)

I know very well a self-defense shooting isn’t going to happen at 25+ feet unless I’m defending another - and at that distance, there are so many other things to consider.

Here’s a great Into the Fray where Kevin shows a video of “The Statistically Perfect Gunfight” where distance is discussed.

Does this make you want to tweak your training at all? If so, how? If not, why not?

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I stay as trained as I can at all distances. Steady accurate fire at a sustained speed at a silhouette at 25 yards is good training. Same as 3 yards. The fight isn’t just up to you, the other person gets a vote too.


I shoot at multiple unknown distances and angles.
I agree with @James that you should feel comfortable putting slow sustained rounds down range at distance. Sometimes that may save more lives by buying time

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I don’t mean slow, I shoot as fast and accurately as possible, so generally a round a second at 25 yards. I do shoot faster as the targets get closer.

Here is how I usually train with my CC, I do use many different platforms like a hostage situation, this is when I have to slow down a lot. In this video, I’m using my S&W M&P Sheild .45 with a 7 round mag, this is the gun I carry the most. I have gotten a bunch of guys at the club to start training with me this way, it’s amazing how many of us don’t train with our CC because we’re always training for IDPA or USPSA matches. It’s absolutely advantageous to train with your CC a lot. Enjoy the video, if you like this one, I can post more of them for you. :sunglasses:

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That’s awesome @Steve-G! Do you have a partner you train with? It might be interesting to change it up and have them call out who is the threat (Left/Center/Right) as you’re walking up. The other are innocents or additional threats - could be interesting. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes I do, this was taken when I first started training with my CC on a serious level. Like I mentioned, I do change it up with hostages and innocents that are behind the perp, so you can’t just shoot like in this video, you have to really think and make good decisions. It’s not as easy as it looks, I believe this was timed out at 3.26 seconds from the time I touched the target. Not bad for an old guy. :flushed:

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Watch how fast this situation turns deadly, I think this officer defended herself perfectly, maybe a little excessive on the round count, but maybe she had to shoot him this many times.
Here’s a basic traffic stop gone very wrong, she is trained well, she never puts herself directly in his eye line and takes as much cover as she can. This is scary stuff.
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OK, I jumped!

The light makes it hard to see what was going on after the initial shot. If the attacker was still coming after her, it’s a totally legitimate reason to continue shooting, right @Steve-G.

Didn’t expect the adrenaline rush from watching that. :hushed:

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I train for multiple distance in different ways. Up close and personal, is a draw and point shoot. The farther back I get, the more I use the sights. With my carry gun, I usually go to at least 25 yards, an up to 75-100 yards. Those shots are slow and calculated. I can hit a 12x12 target at 100 semi-consistently.


Yes Dawn, I believe that she was justified in shooting as many times as she did. It was dark and adrenaline kicked in, also where he started this by shooting at her, who knows what was next? I counted about 3 shots by the perp, it’s hard to tell exactly, and 15 shots from the officer. The angle she was shooting from, light conditions, we also don’t know if she was hit, even with a vest, that hurts a lot. There is also the unknown, what was going through her head. If a civilian took 15 shots in a defensive situation, you know it would be deemed as excessive deadly force, we have always been taught to get it done in 3 shots, but we have to do what we have to do. My only question is, out of those 15 shots fired, how many hits, and how many strays? It looks like a secluded area, but what if it were on a freeway during rush hour, would she have done the same thing?

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I had that thought too - and was anyone in the back seat of the car? I didn’t see anyone, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anyone.


Hey @Steve-G I tried to view the video and it says not available… and I do want to see :smiley: