Weekly Target Feedback!


Let’s start something new this week! After you finish shooting at the range (every time), post one of your targets that you’d like feedback about or to brag about it!

I’ll post one for last week as an example.

Remember - we’re here to be supportive of each other and help everyone improve. :slight_smile:


I was shooting at the 7 - my son was shooting at the 8 and 9. I was the first time he was shooting the new revolver.

I’m shooting left a smidge. I’ll have to double check my trigger work to see if I’m pushing a bit. And you can see when my grip was loose with the few outliers.

What are your thoughts?


Still all great hits…

Challenge accepted next target will get posted

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Thirty rounds warm up, and man, did I feel rusty. Found out I cannot double tap well. First shot was good, second shot was almost always low/left (not pictured).

Started the one-handed shooting process. Upper right was right hand. Started off shooting right, figured out I was pulling the trigger sideways. Without the support of the left hand, it was easier to do. As I focused on pulling the trigger straight back, the shots moved toward center.

Bottom left was again right hand. Much better center, still figuring out the vertical.

Top left was left hand. That was tough. My grip felt it after only a few shots. Time to train at home.

Overall, pleased with the new trials. Its a lot to work on with only 100 rounds. All shots at 7 yards.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing and the awesome details, @AAlan! I love the different hand by target idea! Hmmm… I think I see a weekly target drill challenge coming up!

Keep the targets coming, everyone!

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This is from last month. 15 feet weapon side (left hand) as well as off hand (right hand). You have to practice with both hands.


200 yards with a .300 Win Mag. I know it’s not a handgun, but yeah… I’m bragging.


What kind of revolver? Looks pretty good to me!

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This is a fun topic. Helps us correct our shooting and get constructive criticism. I am going shooting tomorrow, I will post mine as well. That 25 yards kills me, lol😁


As we get larger, USCCA instructors and Training Counselors will be on here as well for even more awesome feedback!


This is at 15 Feet with my M&P 9mm. I was also attempting to take out the 8’s and 9’s. My problem is shooting at 25 yards. Distance shooting has made my close up groups tighter, but I anticipate more from long distance.


@Josrph. That’s good to know about you aiming for 8s & 9s. At first look I wanted to say that you need practice. :crazy_face:


@Tony. :flushed:. Wow! Impressive.


had one flyer, it was my fault, I pulled that shot unfortunately, I can do better, this was the first time shooting my AR-10 build, and after roughly sighting it in, I managed to get a decent group.


Looking good everyone! Keep those targets coming! And be sure to ask if you have specific questions about your target or any drills!

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Is it really a flyer though? Those all look like dead deer to me. Great shooting!


I’m at the range right now. The top right is my grouping target, the others I’m shooting a different target each shot, and going at a steady quickish speed. Working on my reset sight pic then reset trigger after each shot on a different target.

*edit, my gun club recycles the cardboard backing, those holes everywhere arent my misses.


Love the edit, @James! Nice groupings!


I think they’re respectable for quickly shooting a different target every shot. I think my top right one is good for just a grouping target minus the one flyer. There is room for improvement though.