Police Lies and deception


None of the below is legal advice; I am not a lawyer. It is simply my own reaction to the various statements in the video. Oh, and if you watch a lot of YouTube, you will understand, don’t be a First Amendment Auditor or Sovereign Citizen @$$#013. Remain calm and polite throughout.

  1. I will be happy to answer your questions with my lawyer present.
  2. I do not consent to a search. (This applies to both vehicle and home).
  3. Am I being detained? … Am I free to go?
  4. No, thank you, no need to go to the station. (see #1, above).
  5. Will that (report/deposition/testimony/confession/recording/video) you say you have be provided to my lawyer during discovery?
  6. On the promise to “talk to the judge.” Do you often have ex parte [pronounced ex par-TAY (this is lawyer talk)] meetings with judges?.. this one is particularly smart-ass and I am not sure it is actually a good idea to use.


  1. Some states have in law that you may have your driver’s license suspended if you refuse a sobriety check. Know your state law on this detail.
  2. (This is a gun owner forum, after all.) Know the precise requirements under a Duty to Inform law in the state you are in when carrying a firearm or have a carry permit or license. Follow them in every law enforcement interaction. Failure to do so can mean losing your carry license.

Unwatchable, Sorry William
Thanks for bringing this to us.
I will follow Craig’s advice Thank u very much
Duty to inform the Man in NM—“If asked”
otherwise :zipper_mouth_face:
‘Can you say Lawyer?’

‘What about that AK in the back seat?’ ans: ’ What back seat?’ What AK?'… ‘It’s Medicinal’
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Going through various academies and other classes in Florida long ago, we were taught most of these interrogation techniques. And, in general, they all work very well. It was only in a very few instances that a suspect would maintain their 5th Amendment rights, and those usually actually were innocent parties.


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This guy is one of the few I trust on YouTube to tell it like it is. He has the experience to back it up. No BS and no fluff. Self-Defense in a Time of Policing Shortage: Insights from a Former Cop


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The jury I sat on, one of the prime witnesses, the guy that actually watched Omar Shoot Nico, got up on the stand. The Prosecutor started with “You have made no statements at all to the police or this court .” The judge damn near jumped out of his chair, he instructed the jury “He is under no requirement by law to make any statement”, then he railed the prosecutor to stay within legal boundaries…


I had to hit the start button twice and the video
does work.

I have been interrogated falsely 2 times in 7 years
by Sheriffs in my home state. The information
given was to start researching for the reasons why police and sheriff’s lies and abuse people.

I have been interrogated for under the influence of
narcotics and alcohol 7 years ago. I lost my wife
with heart failure and I had lost 30 pounds, 1 week of
no sleep, and full adrenaline charge for 4 days. I
passed out after 3 hour of interrogation by sheriff
department and I requested for a ambulance and
a hospital stay of 6 hours with full toxicology screening.

I do not drink alcohol or was I on narcotics. I was
Released at 12:30 AM and the hospital gave my keys
back and sent me home, FREE of all charges.

I am not a joke. The video was only a presentation of the hell a person can go through if you are facing
Felony Charges.


Thank you of your help. I know exactly what being
interrogated means by the lies of the police.

Please do not say anything and shut up. Plead and
choose to plead the 5th Amendment and
shut up.


In my younger days, I was arrested and “interviewed” about dealing drugs. They used just about all of the lines on me. I answered with “Man I’m just not sure, I just don’t know” every time. He even offered to kick my a$$ during the interrogation. They had to let me go, no evidence, no case.


No Sir,
You misunderstood me apologies William
It is some of these video’s are really bad to watch (for me)
The message was clear but I just didn’t like this vibe/presentation.
Clips of old shows/movies just make me anxious like this did, It played fine.
I’m weird (sometimes) Oh Really? if the message isn’t straight forward it irks me.
Just tell me what I need to hear, when I watch a movie then you can throw all the dramatics in.
I guess I could have just listened w/ my eyes closed. When you get a mild brain injury things
don’t play out like with folks who hadn’t had there brain rattled. (This is one of them)
Sorry for your Troubles
No one should be put through what you went through and by Cops no less
I haven’t a great love for the Man lately but in the old days they saved my life from being beaten to death
by an angry MOB. Lately my best bet is if the two sides NEVER meet I’m great with that.
I’m sorry for you’re Loss Brother. What you described is like PTS (D-It’s NOT a disorder)

Where We Go 1 We Go All


Mr. Don,

Thank you!!

Through all the garbage we all have been in by
This Administration/ Politicians, I do not want anybody
to face what pain and trauma we have seen.

When any person goes through these agonizing
troubles, someone goes through them also and
worse than we have.

I have enjoyed every moment of my firearms
training, even the ups and downs. About the
Police lying and deception, I have grown stronger and
Wisdom is a gift.

I still stand and life is still worth living because my true
love helped me. We must never give up and maybe
one day, I can help be a helping hand for someone to overcome.

Women are smarter than men and I was married to one of the best.

Thank you.


Yes Sir, My Late Wife tells me that every day! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:We got lucky Brother
Peace be with you


I had a similar experience as a civilian. For a while I had some distrust and animosity. However, over time, I came to the conclusion, that among many industries, each has characters who go down a wrong dark path in life, and we get to experience their wrath. But I believe most are not like that, thank goodness I found the bright.


My main problem with this video is that it’s coming at it from a perspective of “all the cops are out to get you.” That’s simply not true. Refusing to cooperate in some cases is against the law (sobriety tests, for example). Even if it’s not, it’s going to escalate the situation.

I’m not saying don’t be careful not to incriminate yourself or allow them to interrogate you without a lawyer present. But basic cooperation and courtesy goes a long way in de-escalating the situation. You have some rights, but in all states you are required to comply with law enforcement to some degree.


A friend coincidentally sent me this video today. This is a prime example of what I’m talking about. If this guy had just cooperated with the cops at a basic level, it would have gone a lot easier for him.