Personal Safety in the Face of the Coronavirus | USCCA Special Report

I believe that this is definitely a bio-weapon created by China and partly financed by George Soros and his communist and globalist allies!

Been hearing some on MML Medical Martial Law. Essentially what we are seeing globally and here in USA. There have been measures steadily put in place over several decades by all administrations here in US and similar measures in other countries. Effectively powers that can be enacted in a crisis that give a person or entity in charge enormous powers. Are we seeing the fruition of these labors being tested out via this ‘Coronavirus pandemic’ which could constitute enacting such emergency powers? National guards have been called out to enforce quarantine areas, distribute food/water, etc. There isn’t a force exerted with guns in your faces as such during this crisis but is this the new conditioning technique to soften the people’s perception of what Martial Law is? People thinking that wasn’t so bad. And what happens to areas around the world or even in US if protestors clamor about an event, the people of China protesting for human rights. Is it a coincident the Coronavirus just suddenly appeared during these protests? What better way to remove protestors from the street then with a declared Medical Emergency effectively quarantining people to their homes. Could there be more extreme levels of this emergency powers and how does that affect our civil liberties and rights?

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Because of the “Social Distancing” and limiting outside activities,has anyone come up with some innovative ways to continue their student training activities ?

@sherry7 Welcome to the community. Thank you for posting, we need to hear from people on the front lines. We all hope to hear from you again. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :wink:

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@Louis25 Its called a “PLAN” to beat this! Its because some people are being petty and do not want to quarantine because their more worried about their personal rights and civil liberties then the community, state or the Nation as a whole. This may well be OUR “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY”!!!


President Trump’s press conference still going in will the uscca delay the start to make sure nobody misses it

We will be starting on time from what I’ve heard. The whole video will be available afterward as well.

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James5, I also have been racking my brain on how I can teach while staying the distance that we are requested to be from each other. Actually, having six feet between students I can accomplish but makes “hands on” hard to accomplish.

Bruce26 I don’t consider personal rights and civil liberties to be “petty” issues to be ignored for the good of local, state or national good

It’s not a petty issue, @Jim74, but there has to be some balance struck so that we don’t overwhelm our healthcare system - for the good of everyone.

Tim & Kevin, you represent the perfect spokesman that the gun group need.


How do all of our viewers like to store a firearm in their home to maximize safety as well as maximize their ability to defend themselves?


The wife and I have personal safes next to us if we don’t have the weapon on us. I also have a couple of safes that I am the only one who can open for the rest of the weapon collection.


I am glad that you have a plan to be able to access your firearms as well as keep them secure @Stephen63

Right Dawn, I was responding to the comment that suggested that “petty issues” like personal rights and civil liberties are less important than health issues.

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I don’t think @BRUCE26 is saying that people’s liberties are petty.

I think Bruce26 may believe they are overlooking the greater good? Correct me if I’m wrong, @Bruce26. :slight_smile:

I am a proud USCCA Member and have been for several years now. I am a USCCA instructor. With this CORONA VIRUS going on I had ordered a new gun a week ago, It was delivered to my FFL dealer today. I went to get my new gun and thanks to the NCIC my gun was put on delayed delivery approval. It could be 3 days or up until the 9th of next month which is just crazy. I currently own close to 35 guns ,I am in no real need to have this new gun it is just one that I have wanted for a while so I finally bought it and Can’t have it because it is being held up by the government.



Talk all over the nation about releasing some prisoners early. Judges are going back through sentences and commuting them for shorter time served. All over the news again.

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I’ve heard that as well, @Stephen63. It’s a scary idea. Be able to defend yourself now is so important - even more so now.

Does your family have a home defense plan? (Tim Kennedy is talking about it right now in the broadcast! :wink: )