Our children understand shooting but do they

Our children understand shooting,maybe the Constitution.But what do they think about covid-19-- other than this sucks?

  1. Do they understand:
    The Lost of freedom,as a health thing
    As a possible infringement on rights
    Do they see stores limiting access and goods,as a rights / govt issue
    Is this just a teaching moment for a new generation

Or do they see all the possibilities as why we carry weapons and seek to protect ourselves and our country and our rights

What do you say


Inconveniences to them. Scared yes. But the overreach in governmental power. Not even a blip. I’m about to give up on this generation.

I’m starting to see where we might need to separate into a representational republic and whatever the Utopia the Democrats see as their end game.


Don’t give up!

I think one of the reasons my childhood did suck is not being sheltered. When marrying my ex-wife, I noticed one thing…

She was sheltered and did not know about events much that took place when growing up.

What I’m saying is many children today are not really made aware [I think is a good thing for their health if you ask me] but when come a certain age it’s time to hit the books if you see what I’m saying.

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My children are 4 and 2 so we are just keeping life as normal as possible for them. The 4 yr old doesn’t understand why he can’t play with friends or go to parks but he’s got plenty to do at home.

Older nieces and nephews they’re being less sheltered from it and being taught this is why you must be self reliant. Hunting, fishing, gardening are essential skills to have. And the family as a unit is reinforcing those values by living the lifestyle the parents are trying to instill.

I completely understand the wanting to give up on these younger generations but they are kids that were/are raised by kids. If we quit that’s on us not them.


Your right @Sheepdog556! I don’t regret the way raised & being taught early has been beneficial. However, I think with so much going on these days some things are better with a little more maturity. For health reasons anyway.

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Let’s face it, life has changed dramatically. The government(s), for the “health and welfare of the citizens,” have attempted to put restrictions in place to prevent the spread of a disease which causes minor inconvenience to many, but can be fatal to somewhere between 1% and 5% of the population.
Are the restrictions reasonable? That is a really good question.
Would you consider the restrictions reasonable if they keep the death toll in the US to 200,000 instead of 2,000,000? Would you consider the restrictions reasonable if they last for a month or last for 3 months? Would you consider the restrictions reasonable if your employer was able to have you work from home and keep paying you or you had to be laid off?
One of the things I think you will see after this pandemic is that people will be a lot more appreciative of the freedoms that they have and never thought about until they didn’t.


I’m not talking about pre middle school kids you still have influence with. I’m talking current high schoolers/college kids. Those who think they know everything.

My daughter attended one of the top 10 High Schools in the nation. They had a friend group of 9 couples and 2 single boys. That’s 20 kids, who all had an average of over $250,000 in scholarships. All had full Academic Scholarships. Know how many of those 20 kids still have their scholarships. 1, yes, 1 out of 20 (my daughter btw). That same 1 is the only one enrolled in school.

The rest just threw $250,000 each, in scholarships away to go party, and play. Of that 20, 1 knows what she wants to do with her life (my daughter again btw).

I’ve watched to many kids throw their lives away because they don’t have any concept of the future.


That’s true! It goes either way…
How are you @Zavier_D?

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I work in education. This whole thing has turned their world upside down. They don’t see their friends, they don’t see their teachers, they don’t get to play at parks, they don’t get to go places. This has been very hard on them. Yes, they should learn how we are all united and working as a team to mitigate the effects of corona. However, they don’t need to go to struggle going to sleep at night over politics. They will learn with time, but let them have their childhood.

Edit- I was responding to the original post. When I was younger I ticked my father off on so many issues. We had lots of conversations that did not end well. Teens have big bodies, but their brains are not fully developed. Even an 18 year old may legally be an adult, but they lack experience (and still not fully developed brain). This current event is the biggest event I can recall in my life other than 9/11. I think our young people will grow a lot from this experience… not all of them… but many of them. I know high school teachers saying their high school kids are taking advantage and helping out by taking jobs high in demand that would be dangerous for the elderly. Grocery stores have been hiring and teens have been taking the jobs. We’ve got to give them a chance to grow. Many of my attitudes and opinions have changed as I’ve gotten older.


Scoutbob is right about the teen’s brain not fully developed. Our daughter shoots and trains with us, and can repeat my verbiage on training, etc. as she has heard it so many times. She believes in the concept of defense. The problem that we see in our arena is the dam smart cell phone. Social media, group chats on and on and on.Biggest time waster since tv, and tv is a time waster. Both of these brain wash a young mind. Our daughter has had her cell phone taken away, due to the lack of responsibility, and that was a major melt down. During this lockdown maybe we can unbrain wash her. I was raised to work and have responsibility, and I had the desire. Did I tangle with my Dad on occasions? Certainly, but I took a step backwards and listened and learned. I couldn’t support my family today without the lessons I learned. Locally we have excellent educators that are under paid. Since we live in the country and have our own shop, we have many things to do, build, create, shoot, unlimited opportunities. Many of the daughter’s friends would gladly trade places with her. Our son is 23, he had the desire to work beside us and learn. He was always in the shop, in fact he became a better welder than myself. There is no doubt that he will survive in life, and has the concept of the future. Sad part is he moved away from us, to partake in his own dreams, and that is ok! We miss him.

Un-brainwashing for the daughter has begun. In another month we will see how that works…


I think this is not so much, do the kids understand but how much do we understand as red blooded Americans watching our rights slowly eroding.
I see what’s going on, I feel what’s going on, but do I understand how much worse this will get?, absolutely not. I go to sleep thinking I will wake up from this movie only to find I’m starring in it the next morning, it’s deja vu all over again. I think what matters most is how we pick ourselves up when it’s done.
First this is China’s Chernobyl, second it was a direct attack on the U.S.


I have actually down played the government’s roll when talking with the kids, I don’t want them to see the state or fed as their “care takers”. Sure they are aware we are under a shelter in place order, but it is important that they understand why we are going along with it. Our personnel responsibility says we don’t do anything that might spread the disease and cause someone harm, something we would do regardless of the orders the state gives. The food, shelter and the ability to protect our home and each other did not come from the government. We bought the house, the food, the guns and ammo when they were available and prepared for this day. This event is a teachable lesson about being independent and able to protect/provide for your family at all times not just the good ones. I also don’t begrudge anyone the assistance they have received when this pandemic caught everyone by surprise. I bet a lot of them are looking at the current situation and planning how they will never be caught out like this again, just like the depression burned generation that my grand parents were part of.


As being on “other side” for over half of my life I may have a little different approach.
First - me, my wife and my kids still don’t understand shooting, however we know it is a part of life now… and this sucks :unamused:

Covid-19: kids do understand if they have been prepared for it and educated about such situations. From my Family’s perspective all current actions are correct, I’d even say - there should be more restriction if we want to come back to normal life soon. I’ve been taught to lower my life style level in order to survive. And this is the moment we change the life style.
We don’t lose the freedom because of Covid-19, there is no infringement on rights and, of course, we do have limitations - but these are required to win the battle.

I’ve spoken with my kids many, many times about everything what me and my wife had experienced already and I know they are ready to accept whatever need to be done in order to survive.

Referring to:
Or do they see all the possibilities as why we carry weapons and seek to protect ourselves and our country and our rights

We don’t need to carry weapon and protect ourselves and our rights differently right now… we have to do everything to survive pandemic… and this is different fight.


I would ask you to consider the following: while there is a pandemic,not everyone involved cares about the virus. There may be some who see it as a political opportunity to achieve what they couldn’t achieve without the power of emergency laws.

In one of the other post a member submitted an article on how seeds(food,vegetables etc) were not being sold( or banned from being sold by govt)

While there are many reasons stores may ban sale of goods(social distancing and all), in this case one might also see other issues, food being called non essential, a govt ability to have a people self regulate military law style sequestering as a shot coupled with making choices of what is or is not allowable to live ( operative word being allowable).

Some could easily see these things coupled with production rationing and realignment of allowable goods as government overreach and a quiet( no outward war) war to usurp rights. Obviously a lot could depend on if these changes are kept in place or removed after the pandemic ( rarely do laws get removed,they are just shelved until needed again).

A different example might be all of the preachers that have been locked up,the question might be ,did they violate a health order? Did those congregations( the individual members) have a right to decide for themselves about attendance? In the 1 Florida instance the congregation and preacher followed all the health rules( relative to size of meeting,social distancing etc) and was still arrested,then the mayor (I believe) said publicly there are lots of other counties to worship in, there will be no worship in this county.-- right or wrong,there is a possibility of rights removal in these examples, of government local or larger going astray? These are the types of possibilities that I am referring to as do they(children) see. The Federal govt is (some might say) being forced by this virus and parties not concerned with the people into certain actions that are more socialist or communist in their basic underpinning.

Will those actions(regulations or consequences of them stay? They may not represent the country,and politics may have forced them on the country as a whole. It is these issues that one might want to keep an eye on.

No matter what side of an issue people are on,if you can determine whether or not it is country(whole country) approved,you can start seeing massive violations of rights are being or might be removed.

If the violations are not related to the event,but the event is being used as a means to promote an agenda,it might be possibilities to be evaluated when thrown up against our Constitution.

Or even when one looks historically at what once was doable in life,that now might get u locked up.
It is these issues,I would wonder aboutour children seeing.

We know sometimes a few years makes a huge difference in how a situation is.percieved,but if it is at least perceived,there is saftey,if it is not perceived then we may be one step closer to losing it all.

It is these things,I am asking about -which may cause some, to keep shooting, continue in self sufficiency and more . There are always critical situations, but responses vary.

Pre covid-19 a lot of Asians in California saw no need for the 2a,after covid-19 a lot saw the need to buy a weapon for the possibility of self protection,fearing even the govt wouldn’t keep them safe(intentionally)(Thinking China hate backlash) ( per news reports- validity is not substantiated by me,just re reporting)

A lot more right or wrong gun owners now ( hoping they all get trained- please Please please) but their view of the 2a may have just changed

It is vigilance in these things and more,making possibilities

Thoughts Jerzy and all. As always if anything is deemed uninformed or rude,mean etc. It is definetly not my intent.


Rohm Emanuel once said: “Don’t let a crisis go to waste.” California governor Gavin Newsom (D) recently said the Coronavirus is an opportunity to create a new “progressive era.” We are in a crisis and the only thing the left has in mind is to change the political landscape of our culture and government which shows us they could care less about people.
This is from Gerald in another post, but represents just another view

Dawn or zee or anybody,not sure how you do that thing about referring to another post or pulling part of it into a current discussion,other than cut and paste any help and instruction would be most welcome


Life is not fair. Life is far away from paradise. We cannot avoid situation described by @Dr_Richard.
Nevertheless I’ll do whatever has to be done to finish Coronavirus problem asap… even I have to sacrifice part of my freedom…
I’m not going to give up my rights at all. But also I don’t see that my rights are infringed…

Anyway… my kids understand the situation and together we do everything to clean this s*&t asap.


There’s alot more to those restrictions, than what are being made public. Mayor’s, County Board of Supervisors, and even Governor’s are way overstepping there boundaries.

Do you know who locked down 4 million citizens in Alabama? Surely it had to be an elected official of Jefferson and Mobile Counties right? Wrong.

Rules lawyering middle manager who answered a help wanted ad at Jefferson County Board of Health. Found a nearly 100 year old loophole and shut the county down. Mayor can’t over ride, nor can the Governor. Other Counties started looking through their health code, Mobile had that same codicil, so the Board of Health shut down Mobile as well.

That’s 80% of our population. Locked down, not on an elected officials say so. But an employee. Who can be hired and fired at will. Did it need to be done …yes. But I would much rather it have been an elected official, who could be held accountable.

Virginia is already playing politics with the lock down. Their lock down at it’s earliest scheduled release, is scheduled the day AFTER the Republican Party Primaries. No, that’s not meant to try and limit voter turn out. I super pinky swear. This is the same Virginia Governor, that did everything he could to turn a peaceful lobby day by gun owners into a bloodbath and then tried to take credit for it.

Vermont making the selling of seeds illegal. Really? That doesn’t make anyone feel like maybe someone is thinking about centralizing all food sources?

Trump is ordering companies to stop production on some goods and to start producing others. Last I read that was either

  1. A nationalization of industry, which is a Communist Party Power

  2. A war time power. I don’t recall a war being declared, and it has been awhile, but it’s been a while since I’ve brushed up on all of these.

Then there’s the triaging planning, it’s not being published but it is being talked about.

Then let’s talk medications. I have at most a 3 month supply on hand, of genuine life saving medications I have to take. I have already started rationing.

I take my dogs to the dog park every night after dark. Know what I see. Huge numbers of teens that are violating quarantine.

Last thing then I am shutting up. Someone mentioned 9/11. Are we better off after 9/11? My answer would be a resounding NO. A 19 year war at an economy crippling $1 Billion a day, the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, the downright erosion of our Constitutionanal Rights. The most adept attack on erasing our 2nd Amendment Rights.


The same is true in all government dealings. The FDA decides which schedules drugs will be on determining which are illegal to have. The states have similar agencies.
Regulatory law is more prevalent than statutory law and generally is applied as statutory law only through administrative hearings then to the courts.
And the alphabet soup of agencies all set their own refs and we have seen what ATFE has done.
I’ll reserve comment on 9-11. There were great things and awful things. I still envy the country where I lived on 9/12/2001. We were the United States.


9/12 was a sad day but a good one we came together as a country, incredible acts of generosity, bravery, and kindness were the actions of the day. 18 years and change later. Not so much.


I hope it is still there,just a little unfocused, maybe this will help clarify,a few things.