Taking care of our kids

Hi all.
What i’ve been noticing lately are the shootings are from 20 year old somethings. What is happening?
From what I gander, it appears that a lot don’t have a history at all. Have done well at school and everything. All of a sudden. Wham! What is happening? I don’t believe having more gun control is the answer. I believe that we all need to be very diligent in our lives. This could happen with anyone. Know your family. I mean really know them. Watch for any different kinds of changes in their attitude. Don’t just mark it off to “oh, it’s a teenage, or young adult thing.” There is something that has gone wrong in their lives. Something happened to them. Bullying? Ignoring? We take everything for granted. We can no longer do that. Live your life to the fullest. Enjoy what you have now. Love everyone around you. If you see someone looking a little depressed, talk to them. I feel we are getting away from socializing and putting everything out there on Facebook, Twitter, etc. We need to pull away and talk. Please, for the sake of our generation and beyond. Gun control won’t help. It is up to us to make the changes. We need to be responsible for all of us. Here’s to our lives. Live, love and Laugh. Pass it on.

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Truth .
There was another thread we discuss this recently…
You do not have to be psychologist to notice that human mind is most sensitive and willing to accept everything before getting 20 years.
There is a huge parents responsibility to watch over the kids and to explain what is good, what is wrong. We as parents, cannot allow young mind to accept things which cannot be accepted. Our kids have to see difference between real and unreal World. We, parents have to teach the kids what is love, enjoyment, joy, heartiness… (you can name dozen other nice things here)… Young people have to learn how to control hate, ignorance, depression.
Social media cannot replace parenting… but unfortunately the World is going this direction… :rage:

Here’s a good USCCA article. It talks about school shootings, but, it still applicable.

@Diamondgal @Jerzy. You both hit the nail on the head! Also being a responsible gun owner is knowing when to “completely lock up the firearms”. What I mean by this is, my wife and daughter (18y) has access to our home defense weapon. However, when my family member is under any influence (daughter had dental surgery and the drugs that were used temporarily altered her state of mind), I temporarily hid the firearms until she was okay. I ensure, I had a brief discussion with her to make sure she was okay. I think parents are allowing their 18+ year old take medications that could potential alter their state of mind leading to some rash decisions.