Personal Safety in the Face of the Coronavirus | USCCA Special Report

The worldwide pandemic that is COVID-19 — the coronavirus — has Americans shaken. News reports show the growing impact of this virus on our lives almost daily, and often these reports do more to prompt questions than provide answers.

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Thank you guys for all you do to help keep us safe during this pandemic. I will watch this for sure. Proud to be a USCCA member. God bless.


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Monday night, March 23, at 7 p.m. Central Time, Tim Schmidt, president and founder of the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), and Tim Kennedy, an active-duty member of the U.S. Army Special Forces and nationally known self-defense expert, will discuss with Kevin Michalowski, executive editor of Concealed Carry Magazine , the changing face of personal security in the U.S. and what you can do to protect yourself and your family in these uncertain times.

Tune in live at 7 p.m. Central Time, March 23, for this potentially lifesaving information


Be sure to click on the photo ^^^ for the live broadcast. Can’t wait to hear from you!


I’ll be watching! Thanks @Dawn


Will be there!
It will be available later to watch a re-run though correct?


I will be there… Thank you USCCA.


Looking forward to watching and learning.


Never miss anything USCCA!!

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Welcome, @Richard7

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Yes, for sure. All Live steams on YouTube are available for later views.


I be there to watch

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I plan to be there (something we can still do in IL). I hope you will consider doing a recording and offer a link to view the recording later. I have been on a lot of calls this week that the volume of people overwhelmed the web-conf softwares ability.

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I am so looking forward to this! With all the new first time firearm purchasers this past week they are going to need training.

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My instincts tell me that COVID-19 is man made. …But I haven’t had the time to research that. My concern is that if it’s man made and turned loose on the population this could well be Politicide.

[a] there was a strong revolution in China to stop a repressive & murderous government right in the same town the virus started. There is also rumors floating US Military was in china doing some type of drill or exercise a month or two ago.

[b] if all that bears true? …We are all in deep xxxx.

ALSO… Is USCCA aware of the relevant and associated facts in my tutorial page?
…If not? It’s time to be acquainted!!!

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@Jeff66… no insict is necessary to know that COVID-19 was a biological weapon…
The question is if it accidentally went out of control or in purpose… :thinking:


Looking forward to what you have to say on the live webinar. I just want to thank you for all the outstanding work, incredible growth and amazing influence you have on our culture.


Jerzy … Yep!!! But do we have cold proof yet? Educational or Whistle-blower Video? …Link?

No cold proof, but “bat virus theory” doesn’t make sense for me.

Im a research nurse. There is hope with anti viral medications that are being used in trials along with a vaccine. Still the vaccine will take up to 1 to 2 yrs to finalize. Just remember social distancing Washing hands often and most importantly dont touch your face( which is hard to not do). As i :ear: more i will let the community know.